The Noble One
Adeline Onwubalili, Division 2, 7th grade #ws18e-s1d2

The question is if you could be anyone from a movie, TV show, or book who would you be? In my case, the question alters to what would you be? I would choose to become Elijah Mikaelson from the TV show “The Originals”. Elijah is a vampire, an original vampire. He is one of the first from a long line of vampires. They call him, “The Noble One”. He is not as merciless, vicious, and bloodthirsty as his younger brother, Niklaus. Elijah stands by his siblings, he negotiates for peace and keeps Niklaus in check. Elijah stands by the oath he and his siblings made when they were children, “Always and Forever”. Even through unfavorable times, conflict, and endless quarrels, he keeps his family together. This may sound lovely, but no family is perfect. You must remember, perfectly and congenial people only exist in a faux and unrealistic world. Something always hides behind the genuine smile and designer suit.
Elijah is revealed to have a secret darkness. A “red door”, that was created by his witch mother, Esther. The red door is a place in Elijah’s mind where he covers his most indecent and gruesome incidents. The incidents are not shown to him as long as he remains clean from unreasonable and mean actions. In season 2 of the TV series, his dark and concealed past is revealed to him. When Esther opens the red door, Elijah recalls the accidental killing of the woman he once loved named Tatia. Behind the red door is butchery, desolation, death, and bloodlust. Elijah is a good man with a wrongful past. Elijah is now working with this pain. He shields it from his family because he does not want them to be concerned.

Why have I chosen this character? Everyone has some type of darkness in them. Whether it is revealed or hidden, it is there. I relate to Elijah. He is a peacemaker, a good guy (if you put it in a casual manner), but he has his faults. He tried to hide his indiscretions instead of facing them headfirst. Elijah pushed aside what had happened to Tatia and postponed the pain he felt. We all try to hide our pain, secrete our deepest feelings, whether it is with designer suits or with fake smiles. Nobody is perfect in this sick sad world. Elijah is living proof of this case. Elijah does not try to be above everyone else, he unknowingly shows you his prestige with appealing wordplay and casual extravagance. Everyone loves Elijah, regardless of his mishaps and plights.

I have also chosen Elijah because of how he shows love for his malicious and iniquitous brother, Niklaus. Niklaus is truly a little boy at heart who has grown to spread how mistreated he was to other people. Niklaus’s actions hurt others. He kills, he taunts, and he acts meanly towards other people with no remorse. Elijah focuses on getting Niklaus to let go of what had happened to him as a child and to turn a new leaf. Niklaus has betrayed, hurt, and lied to Elijah and his other siblings. Regardless of what Niklaus does, Elijah stands by him. He fights for Niklaus’s redemption. Elijah shows endless loyalty towards his brother, no matter what happens. Watching the two brothers fight and forgive each other makes you ache for that sense of trust and forgiveness. Elijah makes sure “Always and Forever” is not left behind. He strengthens the family when they fall and he makes sure his siblings do not forsake each other during difficult times. Elijah makes sure others are good before himself. Elijah is truly the definition of a nobleman.

I am Elijah. He hides his pain, he keeps it unperceived and concealed from the outside. As we all have learned, the pain crawls and inches its way to the surface. Once it is out, it is out. Elijah also shows us lessons on loyalty and forgiveness. He shows us how to intimidate another person with sophisticated and comical mockery. Elijah shows us the dignity of apologizing for mistakes and to accept when you are wrong. He is not unfair or unreasonable, he makes compromises once needed. When the Mikaelsons are threatened, Elijah will always be there for his family to stop the enemy. Whoever tries to put down the Mikaelson family is going on a suicide mission. The family is strong, due to Elijah’s never-ending allegiance to the family and always believing that there is hope. Hope is what gets the family through all the trials and tribulations. Even though Elijah is a vampire, at heart he is only human.

In the end, Elijah is a vampire with attributes of most of the humans in this world. Elijah knows how to control his bloodlust and his actions. Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect. Your past does not define who you are now. Elijah is seen as a noble vampire, a good man, and a caring brother. His faults were hidden for long, but when they were revealed he handled it as well as he could. Elijah Mikaelson is evidence of what happens in our lives and in other people’s lives. He is not a fake character that lives in a fantasized world on a meaningless TV show. Elijah faces loss, hard choices, and pain. He shows us how we should handle it, he shows how family trumps all. Even through the darkness and depth of his vampire nature, he does not let it define his true character. He shows us that people should not use what they are as an excuse, but use it to show that you can be much more than whatever that is. Elijah does not often pour out his feelings to other, but when he does you can feel his pain. Elijah can be lavishly funny and witty. He continuously shows hope and consistently shows that he believes in change. There is a bit of Elijah in all of us, which is tastefully beautiful.
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