The Life Experience of Soccer
Ashlee Liu, Division 1, 6th grade

Playing soccer for the past seven years has and continues to be an experience that impacts my life. Soccer didn’t used to be my favorite sport, but throughout my experience, I have learned that playing soccer is more than just a game. 

Learning soccer has been my best experience in my life so far because it has taught me many important lessons. The first lesson is the significance of my teammates. They are important because they motivate me to play when I am feeling down. Through soccer, I learned that I will never succeed without the help of my teammates. Trying to get past 11 players by myself is a very hard thing to do, but with the help of my teammates it is easier to get around players. Teammates are not only helpful in soccer, but being cooperative is very helpful in the real world. Being able to work and communicate with others is a life skill and working and communicating with my teammates gives me practice for what’s coming in the future. 

    The next lesson I learned is sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Some days I can shoot ten goals and make nine of them. Other days I may have fifty shots on the goal, but I can end up losing 0-1, and that's okay. Losing is a very important thing in life because it is the first step that leads you to success. For me, experiencing the feeling of losing motivates me to work harder during practice. Soccer has given me a peek at the real world to prepare me for life’s challenges, so that I can preserve. 

    Soccer has also taught me to take advantage of my opportunities. I say this because some games the ball may only come to me once or twice. Sometimes, I was just out of luck, but other times, the other team is so good that the good players on my team get to play most of the time. When this happens, I may get to play one quarter, but end up touching the ball only once or twice. I learned in soccer that if I want the ball, I need to go after it! Just like the real world, I will have to seek my opportunities, and cannot expect it to come to me. I also learned it doesn’t hurt to try.

    Not only does soccer teach me lessons, but soccer is my passion. Because I was injured I couldn’t play for 5-6 months. After staying off the field and watching my teammates play, I was able to sit back and fully realize the wonderful passion I have for soccer. Alex Morgan, an Olympic Gold medalist says, “ If something gets in the way of your pursuit of a goal, let that be a time to reflect upon and truly embrace that passion.” Through my break, I finally realized what an amazing experience soccer has been in my life.
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