The Heartbeat of Technology
Gracesyn Thompson, Division 1, 6th grade #ws17e-s2d1

Ring, ring, ring...""Hello?"" On the other end of the line my mother heard a voice saying ""Jerry has had a stroke and we have called 911!"" My heart skipped a beat for a moment when we received the phone call that my grandfather had endured a major stoke. Things looked grim at the news we received at the hospital after the physicians did their initial evaluation of Paw Paw. Intravenous medicines were given to my grandfather to break up the clot causing the stroke, followed by surgery to investigate the damage to the left side of his brain.

The surgeon donned in his 'Papa Smurf' blue scrubs emerged from the operating room and into our waiting room to give us the news. The news was bleak at best as he stated, ""Expect paralysis, major speech impairment, and inability to eat or swallow"". Our worlds were rocked as my grandfather was a pillar of health and in a split second so much had been robbed from him. We could only wait from this point. Hours turned into days and days into a couple of weeks. With an amazing medical team working with my grandfather and state of the art medical technology, we saw a complete turn around. He was released from the hospital and came to live with us permanently.

My favorite piece of technology does not come in the form of my iPhone, computer, or my tablet, but in the form of a medical device inserted close to my grandfather’s heart. This device is called the Medtronic Reveal Linq and records data that is sent electronically to his doctors alerting them of any irregular heart rhythms he may be having. This gives us peace of mind and takes the guessing game out of what his heart is doing.

I love my grandfather. He is one of my greatest fans and encouragers as he is there for my ballgames, plays, school activities and he participates and contributes pouring his life into mine. We have been given a second chance to make the most of our time together. My personal technology of my iPhone, computer and tablet is great, but nothing beats peace of mind knowing the current medical technology implanted in my grandfather is making strides to alert us of any potential heart issues. The gift of life implanted in him trumps the many other forms of technology. I’ll take time well spent with family over time I could never regain back if I had been using my personal devices. That's my heartbeat.
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