Imaginative Canvas
Angelina Nguyen, Division 1, 4th grade #ws17e-s1d1

Loosely holding the stylus in my hand, my arms lead my way through the canvas. The calm feeling of holding my tool of choice, accompanied by the sound of music drifting into my ears softly creeps into my storage of thoughts as I set my mind free. I feel the peaceful harmony of my arm gliding like a swan, across the canvas of my tablet. My strokes are light. Lines sporadically connect; smooth curves and sharp edges merge in every which way.

The refreshing feeling of a cool current washes over me, rendering the ecstasy of freedom; being able to do what I wish without limits. There is no good or bad, no better or worse, no best or worst, only beauty to be shared.

Art can be pleasing, especially to the eyes. I see the faint shape of a cat coming into view. Its curious, green eyes look towards the sky, and the rough sketch of the cat’s head is nearly completed. I love how in art, one does not need a distinct finish of a masterpiece. Anything can become a piece of art, if you put your heart into it. I scribble a few more lines on the busy canvas.

The infinite possibilities are like a stream of wonders, cascading through my mind. Using various strokes, I can create any images on this canvas, this 1500x1500 pixel canvas; it can change my train of thoughts forever.

Feeling like a little speck, drifting in the world and seeing all the fascinating wonders in life, my thought continues its amazing journey. My arm feels strained and I rest the stylus at the foot of my tablet. Leaning back, I scan my picture from top to bottom. A cat with unmistakable wings is jumping up and soaring into the vast expanse. A jade green scarf adorns her neck, matching her kelly-green eyes; she gleams jubilantly.

Picking up the stylus, I fiddle with it in my fingers. Just like the cat, you and I are different. Everything is different, even the smallest of things on Earth. My gaze rests on the canvas for one last time. I hit the save button and watch as the 1500x1500 canvas disappears into cyberspace.

Unique. That is exactly what I am when I submerge my mind and thoughts into my art.
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