The revelation of nature
Pin-Shan Lin, Division 2, 8th grade

What is nature? It is gorgeous flowers, opened and thank; it is hypertrophy of caterpillars, transformed into a flower in the flowers of butterflies. ""A world of sand, a flower a paradise."" Nature is quietly changing, it gave birth to countless lives, in order to survive, they show their own unique characteristics, showing a different spirit. We should Zhang ears, thinly listen to the voice of nature, listen to this beautiful world, with the number of wonderful voice.

The mountain is the old man in nature, neither moving nor standing, sitting safely there, watching all the things that happen beside him. The destruction of mankind is ruthless, and if the mountain is angry, what kind of evil will it bring to mankind? Seemsingly serene mountain, I do not know how many people have endured unreasonable treatment.

River, gurgling water, for the water, the flow is inevitable, up to the flow is difficult, learning is not so? Since the birth, we have not stopped learning, we all have to learn everything, continue to Go before we learned from the river.

Nature is like an encyclopedia that gives us a lot of revelations. The flow of water, tell us that time is gone, so we have to know how to grasp; dripping through the stone, told us that ""constant"" is the fundamental success; bees take honey, spring flowers autumn, tell us hard work will be harvest, Ants move food, tell us small size, but the ambition is not necessarily small, ""a sand a world, a flower a paradise."" Nature to our inspiration, like an endless encyclopedia.

Nature, many flowers, small animals, although inconspicuous, but it is worth our study, let us roam in nature, a good study of the knowledge of it!

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