The things I do diffrently
Alex Zhang, Division 1, 6th grade #ws17e-s1d1

Do you do things strangely or differently than other people? I know I do. Whether it’s reading books about things I’ll never use for years, assessing people when I first meet them, or even getting distracted at the worst of times, I am definitely a unique person. These queer habits of mine can strike at any time, from listening to instructions that my teacher is giving, or spying on my Badminton opponent, I never know when these sneaky habits will occur. Overall, I am someone who thinks, judges, and learns differently from other people, in my own momentous way.

Unlike most kids I read books about my future, I don’t know when it began, but after finishing all of the books in my tiny library, I developed an interest for business books like “The Millionaire Next Door.” And though I will always pick a fiction book over a business book, I learned basic concepts like online bank accounts, and the common 401k and Roth IRA’s. So how did I know that these weren’t the day to day hobbies of a sixth grader, when I asked my parents some of the definitions. I still remember the surprise on their faces. Though other sixth graders might spend their time watching television, I know that planning for my future and what college I should go to is very advantageous.

I tend to assess people when I first meet them. Now, this may come in very handy if my hypothesis about them is right, but other times it doesn’t go so well. From everyday encounters at school, to Badminton opponents, I base my strategy and approach all on what I have heard. I remember one occasion when I studied how my opponent played, and won by forcing him to play differently. Though assessments may turn sour, and assessing people may not be common, I know that for me it is definitely an interesting fact.

I get distracted whenever there is important information being told. This natural instinct of mine strikes whenever I actually need to listen to something. Whether it’s an old song we’re singing in choir or a new song that just came out, my mind chooses this important time to play the song inside my head. I remember the time my Social Studies teacher was telling us our mandala instructions, “Pay attention class,” I completely zoned out. Being a person of interesting traits, this is an important one that I think affects my life in a big way.

Doing things strangely or differently from other people is not always a bad thing, like thinking, judging, and learning differently for me. From assessing people, to getting distracted, to even reading books about things I won’t use for years, I am certainly a person of many unique habits. Whether you eat different foods or wear different clothes, it is okay to be different, because being different is just a way to show how special you are making you stand out.
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