Enlightening Change
Faith Moore, Division 1, 6th grade #ws18e-s2d1

Improve, learn, and extend self beyond the present moment is the essence of change. A change that occurs from ones own life experiences, accomplishments, and obstacles. Sixth grade was a significant milestone change in my life. I was enlightened by my environment with the understanding that to excel academically required perseverance. This revelation encouraged me to overcome the very academic subject that caused extreme anxiety throughout elementary school, math! The former past years of my earlier educational foundation that I wish could be changed.

If by chance my wish was granted, I'd sit my younger self down with a firm conversation. Giving specified details on every academic opportunity in math that was missed due to peer pressure. A momentary fear originated from the thought of a known our unknown peer judging my active participation in class. Which could ultimately reveal my mathematical academic challenges. Potentially leading to bullying by my peers both in person or on social media. Since image is everything, of course this was of utmost concern to me and truthfully even a little now.

Then of course, it would be important to tell my younger self that each failure in math leads to an opportunity to overcome and learn from my mistakes. Reiterating throughout my passionate speech that math is everywhere, with each concept building on top of the other and generalizing to the world around me. Allowing myself to evolve with other subjects and concepts. Triggering a domino change effect on my academic achievements, life experiences, and future desired career as a veterinarian. Which of course, requires me to be knowledgeable in, you guessed it, mainly science and math.

My closing statement to my past elementary self would inspire me to embrace these changes. I would do so by igniting a inner self motivation, turning a blind eye to the opinions of others, and achieving the predetermined grade criterion established by myself and cosigned by my parents without fear. Such a change to my past would have taught me earlier, the life lesson I learned this year in sixth grade. That obstacles are short term struggles helping to make me who I will become in the future. A favorite quote by Moliere says it best, ""the greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it"".
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