Ready, Set, Go
Fiona Ruan, Division 1, 6th grade #ws18e-s1d1

“If you wait till you think you’re ready, you’ll wait your whole life.” This quote can be applied to the protagonist, Will Treaty, in the book Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan. The reader experiences his strong character traits. I admire him because he’s kind and ingenious.

Will is kind when he and his devoted companions are traveling to Celtia, a country full of miners along the southern border. They’re collecting troops in order to help defeat the scheming rebel, Morgarath. During their travels, they meet Evanlyn, a teenage girl who has been on the run and malnourished. During dinner, only three people could eat at any time, due to the limited number of eating utensils. So while everybody else eats, Will showed kindness by letting Evanlyn eat before he did, regardless of his own hunger. If then people would view each other as equals and help one another, kindness would bloom like a rose. Today, people have lost some of their empathy and kindness. With the use of technology, people have become more isolated from each other instead of engaging in real life conversations. It is negatively influencing our decisions to be considerate.

Another strong characteristic is Will’s ingeniousness. He devises a way to find and train a hundred archers to fight for Skandia in the coming battle. He also concots a way to outsmart them and take the castle back from invaders. Will also masterminds a plan to train an inexperienced group of lumberjacks to fight against seasoned warriors. These acts prove that he is ingenious because he thinks outside of the box, allowing himself to create many more possibilities. If more people possessed this attribute, then we could solve our problems too. Inhumane gun violence against schools is a growing problem. The Florida shooter took the lives of 17 students and staff members on a school campus. This is only one of the many mass murders throughout the United States that needs to stop. There have been many protesters around the country that are trying to get the government’s attention to enact new gun regulations. However, instead of waiting for the government to take action, schools could devise their own ways to ensure their students’ safety. They could get metal detectors to guarantee that no weapons are brought on campus or hire armed guards to watch over the students and staff.

To conclude, kindness and ingeniousness are favorable traits to possess as they help make the world a better place. The author writes his books for the younger generation. The main character, Will serves as a role model to all the readers. Like Will, we should take action instead of being a passive spectator in life.
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