A Nobody to a Somebody
Bridget Liu, Division 1, 6th grade #ws18e-s1d1

All nobody’s can transform into a somebody, no matter how hard the process is. You just have to persevere and never give up. A nobody, someone who doesn’t think he or she matters, is often alone, rejected by the world, and doesn’t fit in.

Peter Nimble, a fictional character from the book Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes, written by the children’s author Jonathan Auxier, didn’t matter to his little town. His eyes had been pecked out gruesomely when he was just a baby. His torturous guardian had brought Peter up as a low thief. Yet Peter dreams on and always imagines himself as a glorified young child. Eventually, Peter Nimble transforms himself from a nobody into a somebody.
There’s always the angry question of “Do you not see me?” that bothers me, sometimes gently nudging me and other times pushing down on me like a weight, but always there. Oftentimes the people around me who I love and care about the most will ignore me. Inwardly my shoulders slump and I want to cry, but outwardly, I force a smile on. Am I really no one? Peter Nimble was someone who mattered about as much as a speck of dust did. Later though, he transforms. Peter becomes someone loved, cherished, understood. I want to tell the world, “ I matter. I am someone. Not no one.” Solitude, scorn, sentient, solace. I’m alone. I’m shunned by my friends. I feel and know how harsh it is to be a nobody. I try to find comfort in my friends. I know what it feels like to be ignored, isolated, invisible. The sharp tang of being imperceptible and unnoticeable is not unusual to me. Just a common leaf falling from its main branch with its many other brethren.

Then I tried. I rose again. Fought. Stood up for myself. Instead of just sulking, I grew up and matured. I realized that my friends ignored me because when they stopped talking to me, I never really replied. I wasn’t invisible because that was me. It was because I had never actually tried. I’d just stood there and grew sullen and alone. Because of those challenges that fate puts in our way, we overcome them and we grow. It’s what makes life so beautiful.

And now, because I tried, worked hard, persevered, never gave up, hoped, I was able to become a somebody. And every time when I felt like giving up? I thought of different characters like Peter Nimble, and how he struggled with fitting in society and being a somebody. Somebody's never give up. They rise and fall back again until they stay standing. That’s the difference between a somebody and a nobody. Nobody’s never try; somebody’s do. For, after all, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” (-Confucius)
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