The Celestial Beast
Erik Shen, Division 1, 6th grade #ws18e-s1d1

I await sleeping in my city of R’lyeh with the Great Old Ones. I see that now the stars are in the right place and that the cycle of eternity has come back. I rise up and see what the world has become after eons of my slumber. Approaching land, I look around trying to find if there was anything that looked familiar or held some resemblance to the past. Following me are the other Great Old Ones. As I close in on land I see the cultists that worship us. Dancing in joy, the cultists welcome me by bowing down on the beach. Stretching my wings and tentacles, I walk past them and look down on the city. Illustrated by H.P. Lovecraft in the book The Call of the Cthulhu, this entrancing power that Cthulhu possesses is what makes me want to be this character.

Cthulhu is the leader of the Great Old Ones who the Cthulhu Cult worships. In the beginning of the world there were other celestial beings that fought for power with Cthulhu, but with immense strength and energy, Cthulhu beat the other Old Ones and succeeded them as their leader. Endowed with a humanoid body, the face of an octopus, and dragon wings, Cthulhu is currently in a deep slumber in the underwater city of R’lyeh. In a profound psychological way, Cthulhu can go to people in their dreams and is the reason that fear and anxiety exists. Suffering from his own anxiety disorder, H.P. Lovecraft might have created this character to deal with and express his fears in a way others, like I, could identify with.

Cthulhu is a very large and physically powerful being, but his ability to enter the consciousness of people and impact them through his access their dreams is his most compelling aspect. Like him, I value having power both psychologically and intellectually, whether it is the ability to control a thousand different emotions and situations or access hidden knowledge that can make me have an impact on the world. Just as Cthulhu is a hybrid of creatures, I represent a mix of many emotions and identities that I am trying to form into a complete, forceful union. Cthulhu allows me not only to understand my own fears and anxieties but also to learn how to accept and even control them for the better. Most importantly, Cthulhu’s vast knowledge and celestial powers contrast with his hidden identity and physical isolation (no human being has ever seen Cthulhu), and I find this magical mysticism helps me search for more deeply for knowledge and strength inside myself.
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