Discovering Life and Beauty
Jonathan Zhou, Division 1, 6th grade

Flashing taillights blinked repeatedly in rapid successions as their cars drove onward… mesmerizing! Glistening water meandered aimlessly in any direction the wind took them…captivating! Crimson bridge stretched elegantly over the bay and crossed the choppy waters without blemish, creating a crossway for mankind to follow. The pathway, a real life parody of the yellow brick road that I have chosen to follow, as I ventured into my many journeys in life.   

What was this mysterious bridge? The Golden Gate Bridge. Looking at it from afar, the surrounding seemed so tranquil and serene. Up close, as my father and I ascended to the middle of the bridge, the massive steel construction loomed above me with a sense of emptiness. The sky was painted a vibrant sherbet, with dashes of yellow, orange, purple, and pink all mixed into the bowl of the vast atmosphere, as if countless paintballs splattered on the sky, imploding the world with colors. 

As I peered down into the bay, a slight wind gently caressed my face. The wind sent ripples through the waters below, causing the bay to come alive, jostling with energy. The waters reflected a portrait of exquisite scenery coming to life. Drawn into the picturesque scenes of nature, I snatched the binoculars away from my father, brought it to my eyes, and glanced to the coast. A row of reeds bowed humbly to the gentle wind; its rustling sound flowing rhythmically with the twittering birds hidden in their sanctuary.  

Continuing our stroll across the glimmering bridge, I caught sight of a group of foxes. As I squinted into the mossy clump of shrubs, one of the foxes was searching for food in the colossal mass of trees near the bay. It picked up some sorts of fruit and immediately brought them to his pack. The genuine love it displayed for its loved ones showed parental instinct, parallel to a human society. Caring for its family and providing for its cubs first before partaking the food was selfless. 

The end of the bridge was approaching and I motioned for my father to halt for a brief moment. I turned around, and scrutinized the scene one last time. I saw on the Golden Gate Bridge, life and on the coast, humility. I saw in the forest, kindness and in the bay, beauty. I shall never forget that day, for I learned about nature and what it meant to be content and appreciative of what I have around me. After all, nature never betrays the heart that loves her.
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