My favorite place to go.
Rumbidzai Machakata, Division 3, College junior #ws16e-s2d3

My favorite place to go does not require human senses such as sight, hearing and or taste. It does not cost any amount of money to travel to my favorite place and there are no time restrictions to visiting my favorite place. My favorite place is not controlled by seasons neither is it affected by the weather. I do not need any permission from any one to travel to my favorite place and everyone is free to join me on my journey to my favorite place regardless of age, race or status. My favorite place does not discriminate and it gives you the ability to be whoever you would like to be. Where is this place you ask; my favorite place to go is in my imagination. Whilst many people call certain physical locations their favorite place, I certainly pick my imagination instead. Muhammad Ali once quoted, “a man that has no imagination has no wings,” therefore; I have wings to freely fly. 

One of the advantages of my favorite place is that it costs me nothing to travel there. Most people’s visits to their favorite places are limited by their finances but I can visit my favorite place whenever I feel the need to. I do not have to wait for the right season to visit my favorite place because every season is conducive. I do not have to anticipate the right weather to fly out to my favorite place because it can with stand all sorts of weather. I do not require a passport neither do I require a visa. I control how I am treated when I arrive in my imagination; I become the creator. My credentials are not dependant on my past circumstances but on my future creation. “The world of reality has its limit, the world of imagination is boundless,”- Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Imagination is not limited by our senses, one may be blind, lame, disabled or even deaf but all these conditions will not prevent him or her from using his or her imagination. As a matter of fact, most successful individuals first imagine themselves in those successful positions before they are physically there, before anyone even believes in them. In Mark Twain’s words, “you can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” Even though imagination does not require our five senses to function, it can influence our senses. For example, one can imagine the day he or she meets his or her true love and that will trigger joy and put a smile on his or her face, on the other hand, one may imagine the tragic events of the World War and that could trigger sadness and even bring him or her to tears.

Nothing is impossible when I am at my favorite place. I am not defined by who my family says I am, who society says I am, neither am I defined by my race, gender, and or my complexion. No one cares about my hair, my weight or my body structure. I set my own rules and I do not have to rely on limitations set by man. When I enter my imagination, I define myself and change the rules; I get the opportunity to see my full potential. In this world, many restrictions have been imposed on human beings and we have accepted them but my favorite place gives one the opportunity to change the world’s view. My imagination is not shaped by my past experiences; yes, I may have gone through it but I am not of it. In reality, many people are judged by their past circumstances but my imagination provides a second chance for me. Thomas Edison, the great American inventor who came up with the light bulb said, “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.” He surely did prove his point by his work that changed the world.

My imagination provides me with energy to keep fighting for my dreams. I dream of becoming a registered dietitian, which is why I am applying for this scholarship, however, almost every single day I face obstacles that try and deter my dream. Thankfully, I can escape to my favorite place and remind myself what I am fighting for. George Bernard Shaw’s wise words motivate me and I quote, “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.” I can testify to the above quote as I recall on the days when I was in Africa, imagining of attending a university; a young lady who had been told numerous time why I could not qualify to be in a college, how I was not good enough but my imagination allowed me to recreate my story.

One other thing I love about my imagination is that I do not have to figure out how to bring my dreams to pass, I just imagine the end result and the rest begins to fall into place. In my favorite place, I start by living my life from the destination I hope to achieve in my reality and then work my way to successfully altering my reality in order to arrive at the anticipated destination. Imagination gives one the opportunity to view one situation in many different angles. Our reality limits the genius in us; it blocks our ability to create. “All successful people men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose,” wise words from Brian Tracy. Sometimes we judge our future by where we are today and that sometimes just discourages us, but on the other hand, our imagination gives us the opportunity to be inspired by our destination. We have to view ourselves as who we are working on becoming and not who we currently are.

My favorite place helps to eliminate fear. As we go about our daily routines, we see and hear things that promote fear in our lives; therefore, I have to visit my imagination in order to eradicate those fears. My imagination gives me a clear picture of the price that awaits me when I overcome my fears. In addition, my imagination gives me a chance to detoxify especially after a stressful day. We currently live in a generation ruled by fear and worry; we fear other’s opinions, terrorism, poverty, loneliness, debt, death and many other catastrophes. Statistics show that 6.3 million Americans have been diagnosed with a certain phobia, 60 percent of Americans fear things that are not going to happen, 30 percent fear something that happened in the past and cannot be changed, 90 percent fear issues that are considered insignificant and 88 percent fear issues related to their health that will not happen. These individuals are using their imagination against them instead of for them. They already understand the power of imagination, but they just have to imagine opposite their fears and phobias. These statistics prove how powerful my favorite place is. 

Imagination helps one’s performance in different tasks; even athletes take advantage of their imagination. Bob Bowman who was Michael Phelps (the Olympic swimmer)’s coach in 2008 testified of how Phelps vividly imagined winning the race, as if he was watching in the stands. Thereafter, Phelps would then bring his imaginations to life. Bowman believes that imagination among other qualities attributes to Phelps’ wins. In Phelps’s words, “Nothing is impossible with so many people saying it couldn’t done, all it takes is an imagination.” Many other athletes such as Wayne Rooney, Jonny Wilkinson, Andy Murray, Jessica Ennis-Hill, just to mention a few, have talked about how they visit my favorite place before embarking on their different sporting events. Imagine how powerful we could each be if we would take the time to shape our days and life in our imagination and the tackle life. “I don’t think I am better than anyone; I just like to prove to myself that things I imagine can be done.”- Anderson Silva.

Humans have been created with the ability to use their minds to enter a destination that is limitless; we just have to learn how to harness this powerful tool. According to one of the most intelligent man, Albeit Einstein, “Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” There is no limit to where your imagination can take you. There are many quotes that come from many famous individuals and many testimonies too on the power of imagination but I could not include all of them in this essay; however, I hope I have managed to show you all the advantages of my favorite place. And I have no doubt that many people visit my favorite place everyday but I wonder how many use their imagination to their advantage. I will leave you with the words of Napoleon Bonaparte, “Imagination rules the word.
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