What I want to change the most
Chen Yang, Division 2, 10th grade #ws18e-s2d2

If I can come back, what I want to change most is my own ""personality problem."" It has brought me regrets and regrets. I hope to change this.

My ""personality problem"" once asked a friend to leave me. He told me: ""I hate your personality."" His words made me deeply traumatic and it also bothered me for a long time. Because, in fact, I know that my personality is not very good. I know that I am irritated and straightforward. Actually speaking, it is straightforward to say something nice, and to say something ugly, that is to say, ""whiteheaded"". Whatever I think of, I have always been my style of speaking. However, sometimes I inadvertently hurt others and I do not even know that. This wound is getting bigger and bigger and it can no longer be saved. And what he said, I did not resent him. He was willing to say to me on behalf of him that I wish I could change. On the contrary, I thank him very much.

I also want to change in and of itself, I probably take accounting step by step slowly. First of all, when talking with friends, classmates, and family members, think again. I want to let him see that I have changed, come again, to resolve the atmosphere when we face each other, and then, to see if he can forgive me, I hope he can forgive me, I hope this project will be successful. If changed, I believe that the life after the change will be very different from the present. After all, he was able to read with me the same friend in the same country after I finished elementary school.

Everyone wants something to change. If they can't change, there will be a deficiency in their hearts and they will never be hidden. The above is the “most thing I want to change.”
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