Basic Acts of Kindness Lead to a Greater Cause
Joanna Hou, Division 2, 8th grade

In early August, a crowded road jam packed with cars and one man taught me the act of kindness. I truly believe that because of this experience, I’ve realized that kindness leads to a greater cause, and I’ve come to believe that due to this occurrence, the true key to changing the world are the simple acts of kindness.

It was a typical day in Providence, Rhode Island. The sun seemed to shine right through the clouds, and the sky was a clear blue muddled with one or two clouds. My friend, my mom, my friend’s dad and I were in a car on the way back to Massachusetts when we came to a fork on the road. Guided by the GPS, we were supposed to turn onto the road. The only problem? It was a road where there was one lane to drive one way and another lane to drive the other way. A car had broken down in the middle of the lane we were supposed to turn into, and a giant tow truck barricaded the only lane we had. To make matters worse, we couldn't go around it in fear of getting hit by a car coming the other way, and there was no separate way to get home. The only possibility was if some stranger would stop their car on the opposing lane in order to let us pass the truck in safety. One stranger did do so for the car before us, but was not allowed to let us through as well, as the driver behind him was getting rather impatient and honked the horn several times at the young woman who was trying to let us through. With a heavy sigh and an apologetic nod towards us, she slowly drove down the lane and into the busy city streets. I admired what she had done for the car ahead of us though, and I thought at the time that the car driver behind her was the one who was out of the norm. Just one greedy and brutal brat in a world where people, like that young woman, were taught to be kind, to help, and to show the world around them that they cared about others.

But to my surprise, that was not the case. Car after car zoomed past us, none of them even stopping. Few noticed but didn’t let us through, and they filed one by one onto the city streets. An old man stopped his car in attempt to let us through, but instantly an array of honks and beeps filled the street, and he had no choice but to move on. He too thrusted us an apologetic nod while speeding down the street yet again, and a mass of cars followed him.

Suddenly, the road became clear. With earnest, my friend's father hurried the car into the street, only to find that only a few feet away stood another black truck. It's owner was as impatient as the rest of them.

Then, all of a sudden, a man raced into the road. At first, I was so alarmed because I thought it was almost a suicide attempt, until I saw that his hand was raised in a stop motion. Not at our car, but instead, at the black tow truck driver’s.

At that moment, the only emotion I felt was this sudden pouring of kindness and warmth into my heart. A random stranger had just showed me nothing words could describe. Kindness does not come in the way I’d expect. This was a real simple act of kindness, which had contributed to a greater good: our safety to get back to Massachusetts.

The lady in the other car, with an exasperated expression on her face, slowly watched as the young man led us through the little crossing and past the tow truck. I was speechless and I only rolled down the window and mustered a 'thank you'. There was nothing I could have said that would have really repaid that man for his kindness. As he raced back into the street, my friend whispered to me.

""Now that is one stranger in a million who is kind.""

And that's what I think kindness truly is. It doesn't matter who you are, what your capabilities are, or who you think you are. What matters is your actions. A simple young man was able to make a difference in someone’s lives by simply stopping a car for a few minutes.
With his simple act of kindness, a mass of thoughts began to form in my brain about how I could use simple acts of kindness for a greater purpose. Little acts of kindness can really make a person’s day. I think that when people go out of their way to be kind for someone else, the person who does the action actually can feel good about themselves because they did something good for someone else. Since the man has stopped the car for my friend and me, I’ve tried to help out best I can in my own community, whether that be helping out with someone’s yard or carrying some groceries for someone else. The truth is that kindness will change the world. It makes both the giver and the receiver equally happy. By spreading kindness, we are able to make the world into a better and happier place.
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