My Favorite Place To Go In Taiwan
Ming Chen Wu, Division 1, 6th grade #ws16e-s2d1

The shining sun glittered on the salt that piled like little hills in front of me. The chilly wind brushed my face, and I breathed in the salty smell of the sea. I was standing in the Jing-Zai-Jiao Tile-Paved Saltfield in Beimen, Taiwan, on the last day of 2015, playing and waiting for the last sunset to come.

My grandpa told me that the salt farmers used to get the salt from the water gate, and then waited the water to evaporate. The water had to go from different kinds of evaporation ponds before they get to the crystallization pond, which is the tile-paved saltfield. I used to wonder that why I can play in those saltfields. So, my grandpa told me a story about the saltfield’s history. He said that the saltfield used to provide salt, but in 2002, it stopped because the cost for traditional salt evaporation was too high. Now, it is open for tourists again because the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area wanted tourists to learn about saltfields.

I liked playing in the saltfields, although I cannot play in those with the “under protection” signs. I quickly took off my shoes and ran into the saltfield. I could feel the salt getting between my toes and covering my feet. It was just like having a foot massage! I had lots of fun playing with them. I used the salt rakes to push the salt into a huge pile. I even used the shovel to put some salt into two baskets beside me to carry it. The salt seemed very light, but it was not! Carrying the salt was as heavy as carrying a person around 60 kg. I could really imagine how tiring it was for the salt farmers!

After playing in the saltfield, I felt pretty happy. But, I wasn’t satisfied enough. I took out a small plastic bag and put a handful of salt into it. Then, I grabbed it tightly in my hands. Suddenly, the sun was shining on it, and my eyes shone with delight. The sun brightened the sky into the color of gold, and I saw the reflection of the piles of salt from the water in the saltfield. The view was magnificent! It was the last sunset of the year, and also the prettiest sunset of the year. I was really lucky to see such a fascinating view.

As the radiant sun began sinking down the horizon, I smiled at my beloved saltfield and left. The birds were also chirping and flying away to their homes, so I knew it was the end of the day again. The saltfield was a lovely place to go, because I can find laughter and happiness there. And, that is why it is my favorite place to go in Taiwan. Skipping back to my grandpa’s house in the arms of the ruddy sunset, I smiled again with satisfaction.
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