"What would you do to make your school/education better?"
keisteria battle, Division 3, College senior #ws18e-s3d3

Being able to come into school and learn would be ideal. For many students that is not the case, many students like parents, workers, service members, and even kids with disabilities try to come into classes in learn but cant. Most of these students cannot learn in a proficient and timely manner to other obligations or just because it is hard. There are issues that these students have to deal with like conflicted scheduled, school not being affordable, different learning styles, and just not having the right tools for success. In order to make school and education better I would make school affordable, more accessible classes, create more ways to learn for different learning styles and offer classes for success.

School schedules are the hardest to coordinate with everyday life. I would make classes more accessible to students. Making it so more online and weekend classes are available and there are later/earlier classes being offered. As a working adult business hours are from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon, these are the hours when most classes are being offered. Offering classes that start at six in the morning to eleven at night would be ideal. When I was in college I worked two jobs and had to fit school into that very busy schedule. It was extremely hard for me, now imagine a mother or someone in the military trying coordinate a consistent school schedule. This could be extremely difficult especially if that service member got deployed or that mothers child needed after school care. Another issue would be that class sizes are not offered enough and are not large enough. I would offer classes off demand. Many college classes are small and fill up fast. If a classes is in high demand more classes should be available as well as seats. For example, when I went to Kennesaw State I had a chemistry class that was required as a prerequisite to get into your major classes. This class had maybe twenty to thirty seats and was offered only between three time slots. This left only sixty to ninety out of thousands of students to take this class. Since classes are not accessible it is making student spread out classes to later semesters. This is making the college experience elongate and cost more money.

School is not affordable for most people in the United States. Students are in higher debt than ever before. Students are uneducated to how to fund school properly, they are taking out loans, borrowing money and never paying the fees back because they do not have the money to do so. This is putting the United States in an economic downfall. I would make school affordable or free. If you go to school in state tuition is around four to six thousand dollars and if it is out of state it can be more than six thousand dollars. Not to mention text books are not cheap. Basic necessities for school are expensive. Key examples that pertain to me are graphing calculators, books, circuit kits and computers. Each one of these items can cost anywhere from eighty to six hundred dollars. While paying for these fees you are also paying unnecessary fees in tuition like a gym fee, computer fee, parking fee, technology fee and the list goes on. There are options for scholarships, grants, and federal aid but these are hard to acquire. If you do not have a 3.0 grade point average scholarships are hard to attain. For federal aid your parents have to basically be low income in order for you to qualify. Honestly if I was a parent and had to pay four thousand to eight thousand dollars for tuition every three to four months, my child wouldn’t go to school. Sadly many American parents think this way and it force a lot of students to go into the military. This is money that could be used to pay for mortgages and be invested. In many foreign countries education is free. Countries like Germany, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Finland, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Greece and Spain. These are all countries that are prosperous. For example in France, students choose a career path before getting to college. This is so they cannot be manipulated into choosing a career that others want them to have. Also this way they are not wasting money when they do get older switching majors or trying to figure out what they want to do. They choose a career path when they enter higher secondary school. Once they choose a career that best suits them they start that journey. On certain days they do not go to school they focus on their studies and go to work.

Students should be able to learn based off what career goal they have in mind. Like in France many students should be able to learn real world tasks and work on that particular profession before going to college. While in college students should only take necessary classes for that profession and do internships. I have been in and out of college since 2012, I started off a nursing major because they were in high demand then changed my major to engineering. I really wanted to do engineering but did was society wanted me to do. For both majors I was required to take the same prerequisites and that lasted two to three years. My first three years I learned nothing that has to do with engineering or nursing. I relearned a lot of the information that was offered to me in high school. It was not until I got into my core classes that I was taught what I would be doing in my profession. My first three years was a waste of time and $36,000. If we could get rid of the unnecessary classes and bring in more professionals that can teach us what we are inspiring to do, more students would be engaged in learning.

Getting students to engage in learning seems like a difficult task. If students was able to learn based off what best suits their learning ability this would not be a difficult task. Teachers could take suggestions from students on how to improve their class and teach more real world tasks. Education is treating all students if they were the same. There are different types of learners. There are visual (spatial), aural, verbal (linguistic), physical (kinesthetic), logical (mathematical), social (interpersonal), and solitary (intrapersonal) learners. In modern class structure verbal and aural learners are doing phenomenal. For people like me that is not the case, Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder runs in my family. When you have this disorder any and everything grabs your attention. My classes are filled with twenty to sixty other students. Imaging coming in class with this disorder surrounded by students on the computer, someone playing with their pen, outside conversations, and a lot of movement. For me I will not be able to listen to the professor lecture. Schools should offer more ways to focus on students like me. There should be more hands on activities, more videos we can watch, more interactions with others, etc. Without these other options, students are not destined for success.

There should be classes offered to ensure every student is set up for success. There should be a class that teaches you how to pay for college, note taking, resume making, the basic of college and what the real world is like. When I came to college my siblings were in college as well but I learned majority of how school works from my peers. I didn’t know how to sign up for classes, how I was going to continue to pay for college, my study habits was poor and I was clueless. I didn’t know how to pay for college so I was taking out unnecessary loans and I even tried to get a job to help pay for some of my college expenses. I was getting rejected by every job that I applied for. I was getting rejected for poor resumes, bad penmanship and I did not know how to conduct myself as a professional. I later took a business class where I learned how to be a professional and make outstanding resumes. College is a place where people go to learn and become a professional. We should not have to go find and pay for these classes outside of school. School should ensure professional success. With a classes intended to teach success many more students would be prosperous.

In conclusion, to make school and education better success classes should be offered, more classes should be accessible, implement more student opinion’s, and make school affordable . In my many years I was faced with all of these challenges. I worked two jobs and went to school (made school less accessible), I have a learning disorder (implement different learning styles/ student opinions), been rejected from jobs (success class). With these options many students like me would be prepared for everyday life and education would be better.
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