The Incredible Band Room
Celine Tsai, Division 1, 6th grade #ws16e-s2d1

It is 7:45 a.m. and the chilly air hits my face as I run to the band room. I swing open the heavy doors and the familiar sounds of instruments warming up fills my ears. I race to my seat as the conductor raises his baton and we start playing our warm ups. Looking around, I realize the band room is my home away from home.

I started to play the flute in fourth grade. I was not the best player ever. Every time there was practice, I didn’t want to go and was ready to quit. One day, I got the courage to tell myself that I should never give up and try to have a bright new start. I started practicing everyday and would pay attention in class. Soon enough, I was playing like a professional and ahead of all my classmates. In the end of fourth grade, I got into the elementary advanced band! This was how the band room began to be my favorite place.

Moving on to fifth grade, we started to do different pieces. Whenever I play, the calming music lets me escape to a new world. It feels like you are in heaven, sitting on top of a fluffy cloud enjoying the magnificent view! Not only did the band room become a place where I can just relax, it is also like a vacation to go there. That is why it is a unique place where no other area can replace the incredible band room.

Furthermore, I gained many accomplishments in the band room. It gave me confidence because it showed me what I could do. Participation in class improved and I wasn’t shy anymore. Everyone was very proud of me. I also learned a very valuable lesson, hard work pays off and repetition is important.

In conclusion, the band room is my most favorite place. I will always remember that if you work hard and put effort into something, it will always pay off in the end. The band room will forever be my second home!
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