The Power Behind the Character of Individual
Faith Moore, Division 1, 6th grade #ws18e-s1d1

"A genius shoots at something no one else can see, and hits it"". This quote adequately describes the main character I aspire to be like in Holly Goldberg Sloan's book Counting by 7s. Willow possesses strength, empathy and love for others. Traits she developed through personal experience.

Willow's strength emerges from a tragic car accident. When both of her parents, James and Roberta Chance, died. Willow was heartbroken. Her parents were her rock! Therefore, Willow learned to rely on her own inner strength. She did this in small increments, one day at a time. Until eventually, Willow became a stronger person. I personally can connect to this because of experiences that I have gone through. They have taught me that I can do whatever I put my mind too with determination. When I encounter a challenge I know I must face it head on.

Willow demonstrated the same ability after the death of her parents caused a sequence of events. Yet through it all, Willow's character grows stronger with the determination to persevere, while unknowingly impacting those around her. For example, this occurred the day Willow met siblings Mia and Quang-ha at the counseling center. As an unlikely friendship emerged, Willow taught them by example how to love and be kind. This in turn, improved their choices in relationships with others and overall character. Later, the three ended up becoming inseparable and living together with Mia and Quang-ha's parents because Willow needed a place to live after her parents death.

I can relate to this character because of personal experiences with my best-friend. From the day we first met at age three to present, we have always been close. Our bond much like Willow, Mia, and Quang-ha's relationship is inseparable, built on both strength and love. Even when we disagree, we always manage to learn and develop a new found strength to our character from the other's viewpoint. This allows us to work past our differences in both good and difficult situations. One of those times included when my father hit his head from an extremely bad fall causing his brain to swell with excessive bleeding. I was devastated and scared he wouldn't make it out of ICU. My friend was my rock! She allowed me to be angry, scared, cry, yell, and more. While my emotions went through a roller coaster ride, our friendship did not. This in turn taught me a new found trait to draw on from my own inner strength.

That is why I admire Willow's character! With each experience she found the inner strength to release her grief and continue living, all while showing compassion and love. As I continue to grow and mature, it is my hope to exhibit some of the same traits as Willow. Accomplishing great things with my life, while making a positive impact on those around me simply by the quality of my character.
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