Amy Wang, Division 1, 6th grade #ws17e-s2d1

The room is dark around me, ghastly shadows grasp at my bare feet, a groaning monster howls through the crack in my closet door. I scramble through these dark horrors until I reach my desk, groping desperately around as my nightmares reach for me. Click! The faithful little lamp on my desk flickers on, keeping these figments of imagination away.

The technology that powers the shining light on the side of my escritoire illuminates my world. Every day, I can see little patches of brightness, keeping the darkness at bay and letting me work longer and longer into the night. Powering objects such as small headlights and blazing neon billboards, electricity has been a beacon of humanity ever since it was invented.
This complex technology is what brightens a room, showing details and banishing shadows. Electricity is produced in massive amounts in different ways, using generators, and scientifically, it is a form of energy resulting from charged particles. But practically, it powers up phones and computers and illuminates dark spaces that were once untouchable when the sun fell. Without electricity, many cars, trucks, buildings, and homes would not run, people would not be able to communicate as quickly or efficiently, and huge cities would be dim and lifeless, not at all possessing vibrant, pulsating heartbeats of humanity as they are.

Every day when I get home from school, I use electricity when I push a switch, heat up food, or text a friend. Our dark roads are illuminated with bright lights every night, and from the phone screen to the television screen, electricity does not fail. It keeps us safe, keeping cars in their places, police at the ready, and stoplights efficient and working well. Little babies are kept warm in incubators powered by electricity, people with prosthetics are given new limbs, and hearts revived, and one day, if my heart gives out, I could be saved with an electric starter. From the most brightly lit hospital room, to the dimmest rural village, you can see the effect electricity has had on human life everywhere.

Great cities like Paris and Hong Kong are lit up by this simple device, but for me, it accompanies me on all my nights of restless turmoil, and the glow of my alarm clock stays with me as I sleep. My desk is lit up and my screens glow because of electricity, I am kept safe by it. The difference electricity makes reflects on everyone, and our world becomes more refined as entrepreneurs and engineers take advantage of it.

And, as we become more and more immersed in technology, in all things digital, electricity becomes all the more vital to us. It is simply impossible to imagine life without it. Of course, humans have lived for a long time without this useful technology, but life has gotten easier since electricity was harnessed. Humans get more and more advanced as we use more and more of electricity, and it propels us to heights undreamed of before.
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