Loving companionship
Bo Shih Huang, Division 1, 6th grade #ws16e-s3d1

Due to Social Changes and high economic pressure, so a lot of families have both the parents working. In order to work, they have to send the grandparents to a nursing home, and their children to cram schools, they sacrificed accompany for money. Thanks to technology, 3C products now occupy most of our time, people become isolated, resulting in relations to become more distant.

Currently I’m a volunteer to accompany the elderly in nursing homes, listening to the elders tell their touching life story, like grandpa Zhang told of his times with teary eyes, when the war broke out and tore his family apart; grandmother Wu recalled memories of her early interracial romances et cetera. Although I still haven’t experienced a lot yet, but through their stories, I felt like I was immersed in several splendid stories, it was like seeing everything from a VR headset.

Because of the declining birthrate and elderly social trends, the elders and children could interact and learn from each other, encouraging the elderly to share their remarkable life history to young children through interaction and chatting, the young and old take care of each other. The elderly gain confidence and happiness, thus regain joy and laughter; children can get a glimpse of our changing history, learn past events and life experiences

Loving companionship can narrow the distance among us and reduce alienation between people. If you do this with the elders or kids around you, we may infect other people by loving companionship, with full of love and companionship whilst us all. Lastly, I think that if we want to solve the problem of isolation, people must know that love is a great thing to have, also I believe the society will become peaceful and cheerful, then the world will become a better place!
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