Expecting the Unexpected
Shirley Xu, Division 1, 5th grade #ws16e-s2d1

Small jolts of excitement trickle up my spine as we zoom through the air to the Philippines! Crystal-clear water spreads across the paradise of the vast ocean. The wonders of the sea await and welcome me with open arms. Excitement and fascination consume my entire being.

The proud prince of the sea, the whale shark, sways gracefully. The smaller fishes swim slowly past, paying their respect. Nothing can compare to the natural beauty of the Philippine Islands!

Whish! A school of colorful fish darts by. A large formation of bubbles engulfs me, from my tippy-top to my wriggling toes. Starting in the shallow water, my feet kicks up waves of finely grained sand, and the water becomes murky. As I venture into deeper water, the sand settles, revealing all the secrets of the capacious sea. Beckoning me to swim closer, the ocean dwellers creep out of their top-secret hiding spots, showing-off their beauties. Coral scatters the arenaceous ocean floor, forming a safe haven for fishes that weave in and out of crevices. Some sea creatures are waiting to be found. Others are peeking out of the corals, hoping that no predators are near.

The salty, ocean breeze leads me to Manila Ocean Park, where surprises await every nook and cranny adorning the marine theme park. Kid-loving attractions with infinite amazing features fill all four corners of the park. The ocean calls me to return to the wilderness though.

The gentle lapping of the waves shushes in and out of the shore on Pescador Island. This is the place to snorkel, and, if I am lucky, I will find myself encountering a flashing Sardine Run, an extraordinary show between May and July where billions of shimmering sardines spawn. Looking like a ginormous hive of buzzing bees swarming to a new location, when together, can overwhelm everybody. If not, there is still much for me to enjoy! How about a kiddo like myself swimming with the world’s largest fish, the grand but harmless Whale Shark for size? Sea-life is abundant here and spending a few days is not enough to see it all. Sadly, the ocean commands its waves to pull me back to shore. It is time for me to leave.

The Philippine Islands: downright jaw-dropping, spectacular, tropical, and everywhere in between. The human race should learn from the ocean, to be respectful and responsible of this mysterious ecosystem. No litter, no pollution. A deep moral that can be viewed throughout the seas, and that is for us to be balanced in life. My favorite place on the globe are these Islands, have their unique views of the ocean, lighter than the palest shades of sky. The warm waters are forever perfect, enfolding me with gentle currents. The Philippine Islands are pleasant. It is also less crowded and commercialized than Hawaii, and other popular resorts. I can feel special here. Imagining this to be my island and kingdom, I can always expect the unexpected!
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