Cyber Security
Alexander Chen, Division 1, 4th grade #ws16e-s3d1

Would you imagine living in a world with hackers running loose on every computer stealing your information? Well this is why we need cyber security to make the world a better place. Cyber security is used to keep hackers away, who are like online bullies and criminals; they dig up data from your computer and can spoil your personal information. Therefore, we need cyber security to protect ourselves from cyber attacks -- a series of times when people group together and hack a country’s internet connection, its power, and computer appliances. One solutions to this problem is to have instant-set security cameras on the website so we can track down hackers and catch them. It would also be helpful by adding campaigns around the world for people to sign up to be an ethical hacker. Furthermore, I can start my own TV channel to educate people on cyber security worldwide.

There should be instant-set security cameras on the Internet because it is a way online security officers track down hackers and see what they are doing. This is a good idea because the camera should be impossible for the hacker to notice. Computer companies should create mice and trackpads with sensitive touch pads so it can identify the user and check the person’s profile and see if he/she is a hacker. This can be possible in the future when more advanced technologies are created by ingenious computer engineers. There should even be further password protections to prevent hackers from hacking a person’s computer or other online devices.

To add to the cyber security, I will create a campaign that encourages talented people to sign up to be “ethical hackers,” who spend hours and hours figuring out codes and locks to prevent hackers. As a result, the computer can run smoothly and stably. I can also help by becoming an ethical hacker myself! Another idea to improve our security is to have people dig up anonymous coders. I also think that there should be a rule that hackers should not be able to have electronics to prevent them from committing online crimes in the first place.

Moreover, I could have my own TV channel to explain to people why they need to stop feuding with foreign countries so there will be less hacking. If foreign countries still cannot collaborate, and then I can show them how bad being cyber bullied is. As the golden rule states: treat people the way you want to be treated. Many people will understand the problem of cyber bullying and hacking after seeing other people’s feelings after being cyber bullied. This will succeed because most online problems were caused by people having a fight or disagreement.

Having further security, world peace, and a petition for ethical hackers can make the world a better place. Cyber security results in fewer hackers, which leads to countries trusting each other and maintaining stronger world peace – bringing us closer to a safer and more peaceful world.
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