Wonders of Nature
Amy Wang, Division 1, 5th grade

Sunlight streamed through cracks in the foliage, and dappled softly on the dirt. Light danced with the creek water, and drops of dew made crystal beads on the lush green leaves. The ginormous redwoods were russet hued and imposing, as they stood standing stately in clusters. I had heard of the beauty of Yosemite, but up close and personal, it was breathtaking. The sky was a brilliant blue, without even a wisp of cloud. The sun shone down upon a serene forest valley filled with animals, big and small.

Bridalveil Falls gushed in silver banners down the craggy cliffs, like the drifting streams of silk and satin, trailing behind a stately bride. Hence the name, Bridalveil Falls. The dark evergreens pointed heavenward in somber hues of olive and corbeau. When we arrived at the trail leading to the waterfall, a resplendent rainbow in the mist hung above us, which disappeared like an elusive spectre as we neared it. 

After an arduous hike, we finally got there. Massive boulders protruded from the cliffs; and a natural footpath led to the stream, up to an imposing formation of rocks and boulders, seamlessly fitted together by nature.

I continued, and soon reached what seemed to be stone soldiers, guarding the way to the treasures of the waterfall. Scaling the bedrock proved to be difficult, and when I got to the top, a pleasant surprise awaited. The waterfall ended into a frothy pool, while the water roared and thundered in a magnificent symphony of nature. A gusty sigh of wind ruffled my hair, and tangled through the streams of white mist, behind which, a large rock face stood. The sides of the pool were higher than the bottom, which was sandy but smooth. The lapping of the pool must have worn it down to sand. The force of the water might seem trivial, but convincing.

As the moisture dampened the air, I looked down towards the shallow creek and saw people frolicking with mirth. Standing in awe, I recognized that the rocks were big enough to crush us! Yet the thought of a loose boulder smashing them like ants never crossed their mind. So still, silent, and serene. I marveled and descended to the stream. The uneasy feeling that a slip of a rock could mean the death of us all haunted me. This valley had existed long before humans, and could probably go on without us. 

That night, stars glimmered in the sky. They twinkled and winked at us. I suddenly felt insignificant; the towering redwoods dwarfed and humbled me.

This experience taught me the beauty of unrestrained nature. Yosemite stood proudly for thousands of years, or maybe more. From the beginning of time, the torrential falls, and gurgling streams, the towering rocks, and the lush vegetation… Every old redwood had years of history.  Unlike nature, humans had short and trifling lives. Humans could perish with so many causes, but the trees and boulders had withstood the test of time.
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