Dolphin Fun in Xel-Ha
Ethan Sun, Division 1, 3rd grade #ws16e-s2d1

Hola! I raced happily to the dolphin trek pool where I jumped in the refreshing water. The magnificent dolphin approached me and let me gently pet its rubbery skin. It circled around me as I was laughing with excitement.

When I patted my hands on the cool water, the dolphin splashed water back at me with its fin. Then, I took my index finger and spun it around in the air like a top. The dolphin saw my signal and twirled around like a ballerina.

Then, I got to have a water ride, but it wasn’t just any kind of ride. I gently climbed on the dolphin’s smooth back. I held its fin tightly so I wouldn’t fall off. The dolphin swam with me on its back in the blue water. I felt excitement as I rode on its back like I was riding on a jet ski. It began to swim very fast and then suddenly jumped high up in the air. I lost my grip and fell into the cold water.

I quickly dog paddled to a spot near the dock. The dolphin glided over to me. The lanky instructor rewarded the dolphin with a delicious, salty fish snack. It loved the mackerel fish and gobbled them really quickly.

I put my right hand out, and the dolphin softly put its mouth on my hand. The photographer took a great photo of our funny pose. FLASH! When I put my hand in my pink life vest, the dolphin carefully kissed me on the cheek. I laughed with excitement. I put both of my hands out on top of the water. The dolphin stood up and put its fin out. We held “hands”.

I gently patted the dolphin a few more times on its soft skin. I clapped my hands loudly and the dolphin flipped on its back and waved its fin. The water splashed into the sky and into my mouth. Xel-Ha in Cancun, Mexico was a great experience and my favorite place.
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