The Brilliant Visionary
Matthew Zhang, Division 1, 6th grade #ws18e-s1d1

Amidst a grove full of protagonists and antagonists, heroes and villains, humanitarians and slave owners one man truly stands out: emerging from the darkness he fathers the expedition to the center of the earth. This brilliant visionary, Professor Lidenbrock, has fame obtained through years and years of painstaking inquiry. But he has talents that are often overlooked. An asset that truly enhances one’s knowledge is their wisdom and philosophic skills. Otto Lidenbrock shows grit and anticipation that help him avoid problems that would stump geniuses. His character was brought to life by (Jules Verne 1828-1925 very good author!)

It is often thought that with enough resilience you can obtain anything. Mr. Lidenbrock has a straight-mindedness that reflects upon him as incredible drive and persistence. His ability to comeback after failure with just as much gusto in order to continue to attain his goals is what brings him success. His egotistical perspective brings him a love for himself which brings rashness and passion for his long term expeditions. Forced to choose between possibly losing his nephew Axel or giving up his chance of a major break through his will brought his conscience to take a risk and continue his expedition which brought him sustenance. This brings me memories of things that ended in calamity and failure; and forces me to admire his skill of making the risky but beneficial decision to continue opportunity that was hard brought up.

A brain that can resist temptations, threats, and pressure then implement foresight into a choice of words, actions, and habits has the potential to change anything. When pressured his decision making skills only improves allowing to him to continue strenuous expeditions even when failure is blatant. This combined with his academics Otto Lidenbrock can steer himself away from trouble and swiftly power through. His fame is a lesson teaching experience and I would enjoy the popularity as a selfish person. His resistance against posed threats brings me ease as I can sit back and relax as he leads the way as cooly and as well as a trained docent.

Success is often boasted by the very few lucky adolescents who have the traits to obtain it. But Mister Lidenbrock who has had a scientific career that many would call far beyond success lives a modest life that you wouldn’t see a blockbuster character like him to live. His character also reflects in that success he does not let personal affairs get tangled into his professional life. He puts others before himself and does not show greed as most privileged people of his status do. This I believe, will lead the human kind to a greater good and ultimately promote morality.

Such character and talents will not be in vain for he has inspired me and even though he is fictional may further influence my actions as a mature adolescent. I hope to follow in his fictional footsteps and ultimately expand the good of human common sense and human knowledge in fields of mathematics.
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