Win Some Lose None
Ellie Polleux, Division 1, 6th grade #ws17e-s1d1

If I had not encouraged my team, if I had not been vigilant and vigorous, we would drag deeper into the clutches of pessimism. Fortunately, this was not the case. Joy, excitement, and other inexplicable thoughts flooded my mind, boosting my spirit for the sport we call soccer. A rush of adrenaline surged and urged me to defeat our opponents when we stepped out onto the field. This energy was essential for our game and growth as humans. This feeling we share, a tacit but sacred feeling among teammates.

Obscure weather blanketed the once luminous sky as our team practiced shooting the spheroid into the net. Stretching away from my team, their negative chatting saturated the air, right before our most prestigious tournament game.

“ We can do this!” A simple phrase, the definition of victory, perseverance, and a sense of hope. As our coaches set the obstacle course for our final practice, anxiety smeared our faces. We trudged on until practice ceased. As everyone headed to the parking lot, I could no longer hold what was inside and I finally hollered.

“We will defeat the obstacles ahead! We just have to be positive!”

Everyone gathered and put out hands together in the air. We were all on the same page, the victorious one.

A few days past, my pondering about our team’s attitude switched on and off as if on autopilot. Just another game. Comforting myself with that thought, I drifted off. With a positive mindset, we would be winners.

The sun arose, lifting the blanket of fog draping over us. Anxious for the day ahead, I was ready for the big event. Inspired with passion to persevere, the tournament commenced. We exhausted our rivals but were still one point short, with a score two to three. Two minutes left to spare in the first game. We made an intense kick with the ball moving towards me, I knew that was my chance. Trapping the ball, I made a remarkable breakaway, zooming by the other team's defenders, and catching the goalie off guard, I scored with only a few seconds to spare. Our dreams came true. Vigorous, vigilant, and victorious. I felt our united spirit at the moment.

At the front of the line, our sweat drenched our flesh as we ran relentlessly through the field. After the domination of the other team, this was the final stretch. The misty air cleared up and the goal was lucid in sight, our key to victory. I shot the goal; the moment of truth was upon me. The sphere, breaking the laws of physics, went into the atmosphere. Hearing the uproar of the crowd confirmed that we had won the tournament. My fellow teammates were tackling me with joy, our sweat melted together, saturated in one spirit.

We won. That was the only sweet sound I heard. The moment, the feeling, the outcome, the reward, all channeled into positive energy. That is how I am different from my peers.
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