Nature plays the role in my life
YI-LIN CHEN, Division 1, 4th grade #ws17e-s3d1

I love nature, I love the nature, the natural steep mountains, the vast ocean, the green trees and the strange rocks of the deep attracted me, so I often take the initiative to ask my father to take me close to nature.

Natural scenery is so beautiful, so the valuable, but always someone deliberately destroyed, those people must not know how to appreciate nature, will make such a unpleasant, heinous behavior.

Close to nature can make people relaxed and happy, brighter future, so we have to care for nature, do not arbitrarily destroyed, natural disasters may not harm humans, nature, but the harm caused by man-made damage is often irreparable. Therefore, we have to protect nature, love the natural ecology, so be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, so that the beauty of the earth can continue to inherit.
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