Mother and Butcher
Shine Wang, Division 1, 6th grade #ws17e-s3d1

“Mother Nature is good, but also a cruel butcher.”-Victor Hugo.

From this brief saying, we can see that nature’s personalities are two-faced, sometimes joyful, sometimes dangerous. To me, the relationship between us is just like a Taiwan Golden-Rain Tree spreading gorgeous yellow flowers all over me, as if I was welcomed by her. Yet, she might be cruel to us without any reason, but still we need to be tolerant to create a better relationship with her.

In autumn, the beautiful flowers of the Golden-Rain Tree always shine under the bright reflection of the sunlight. The conical golden petals sway in the cool breeze, and gradually fall sparsely across my cheek, emitting the faint fragrance of the flowers. It seems like Mother Nature is greeting me to her marvelous world, and under her “baptism” I feel vigorous and energetic at the beginning of a brand new day.

Sometimes I feel the tree is an encyclopedia, ready to teach me so many different things, like how ants and earthworms survive, that they never give up until they succeed. For instance, we often come across groups of ants marching on the sidewalks with their heads holding onto the leaves to store their food, which teaches us a lesson on how to cooperate with those around you. Also, on rainy days, we can discover earthworms, though sometimes struggling to dig holes for themselves, still hold a spirit of perseverance, that boost their confidence. Therefore, there’s so much more that we don’t know about them, which can make us have a better attitude towards our life.

However, Mother Nature can also bring us despair and, sometimes even acts like a butcher especially when an earthquake takes place. For example, last year in Tainan, a quake of 6.6 caused a large amount of casualties. All the buildings shook seriously, the ground rumbled loudly, and with the warning of the forthcoming tsunamis ready to strike; people felt great fear.

Perhaps you might have already lost all of your hope at this very moment, and you might be thinking why does nature treat us so mercilessly that she even cold-heartedly destructed our gorgeous homeland? This was pretty much a dilemma, as we love and hate her at the same time. Although we can face good or bad times, the tight relation can’t be separated. It’s no wonder that some people would disagree with my thoughts, but in my opinion, whether Mother Nature is amiable or brutal to us, she’s still the one who created us subtly under her own hands.

Though Mother Nature can be both cruel or kind, she is still our closest loved one in our life, and there’s no one who can take her place in providing great care and rigorous teaching. So, I affectionately love her and always remember her actions deeply in my heart. She’s the “encyclopedia” worth exploring, and needs our respect.
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