My Favorite Place
Maggie Peng, Division 2, 9th grade #ws16e-s2d2

own favorite place where they feel the most comfortable. It could be a wonderful tourist attraction with a lively crowd, or just a quiet place like the library where one enjoys the atmosphere by oneself. My favorite place is not a tourist attraction or a well-known amusement park, which most young people enjoy. My favorite place is a harbor of refuge, always there to take me in no matter what happens. It gives me shelter from raging tides of emotions, provides me with a quiet and personal space, and, most important of all, gives me love and warmth and care. My favorite place is…home (with family, of course).

My house is not as fancy or big as a palace or a mansion; in fact, it’s just a plain, old apartment in Taipei. The quality of my life there, however, is still splendid. My home is actually situated in the hot spot of a big metropolitan city surrounded by Taipei 101, many international centers, and plenty of shopping malls. One could say that I live in a space filled with the latest fashions and state-of-the-art technology. Despite all the hustle and bustle of the big city, my home gives me a place to enjoy myself and relax when I feel tired or depressed. It is a place where I can get away from my problems. It always welcomes me with open arms and provides me with comfort. I can always snuggle under my blanket when I feel tired or go to the kitchen to hunt for something to eat. And, of course, I can always catch up with the latest things in the bustling world (if I want to) just a few steps from my home. I enjoy the convenience it gives me. Still, this is not the main reason why home is my favorite place in the world.

Even though my home is a humble apartment in the city, it is grander than any other place than I can imagine. It is not because my home is in a prosperous section of the capital city, but because it is a place of refuge for me when I feel down. It offers me shelter no matter if it is sunny or raining. With its familiarity and comfort, it makes it much easier for me to leave the depression I may be experiencing. When I feel down, for example, a cup of hot chocolate in my hands and a loving embrace from my mom can swirl all the bad feelings I have away. When everything seems to be going wrong, my home gives me the strength to face and solve my problems. It teaches me the value of love and warmth; formed around my family, it allows me to realize how lucky I am to have a caring family and a cozy house to live in. My home has made me into who I am today, giving me the protection and warmth I need in a sometimes cold and uncaring world. It has inspired not only me, but also my brother, to give others hope and warmth as well, to lend a helping hand when someone is in need. That is the true value of a place—to transform someone into an even better person and giving the inspiration to do the same for others.

Of all the places in this vast world, my home is my favorite of all. It is where I feel the most comfortable. It is the most attractive place in my heart, and I am very grateful to have such a place to have grown up in. Even though a building may collapse and turn into rubble someday, the things it has cultivated in me will always stay in my heart and will never be forgotten. I want to thank my favorite place for all it has done to me, and may it stand firm there forever!
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