Arbitrator, Umpire, and Moderator of the Human Mind
Derek Song, Division 1, 5th grade #ws18e-s1d1

Do you ever wish to be a character from a movie or book? My number one pick would be Hercules Poirot by Agatha Christine from the book, Murder on the Orient Express. Being a detective, living a life of extravagance, and solving intriguing puzzles seem very exciting. Most of all, I am fascinated with his brainpower.

Poirot is known for his physiological intellect and his ability to find clues and evidence that lead him to finding the murderer. I admire his wit and smarts that allow him to put all the clues together, concluding that everyone on the train was a suspect. I believe that brainpower is everything; people use their knowledge to solve challenges and make innovative ideas. No character from any movie or book has a protagonist that is more judicious than him.

Hercules Poirot is “all famous”, and lives an extravagant life. This is actually one of the main reasons that I like him. He does not have fans nor does he live like a king, but he lives a luxurious life and is well respected. When he is not on a case, he gets to enjoy himself. Like most people, I like to relax, especially if I can afford to do it.

Being different can be both good or bad. Poirot is different but in a positive way. Most significantly, he is like the arbiter of morality and ethics. He has the power to make decisions and his choices are often precise. A stubby guy that relies on his brain rather than his physical strength is like me, and that is his character. He could be a philosopher, honored for changing the way people think in society. Or he could be an attorney, gathering evidence meticulously for his client. Poirot always knows how to maneuver the right moves. Having his skills will eliminate all the flaws that I have, such as making silly mistakes and sometimes missing very obvious clues for solving problems.

Today’s society is based on what is right and what is wrong. Today’s society is based on intelligence. Today’s society is based on scholarly people who know what other people want. It is dominated by powerful leaders and politicians, influencing the world. But there is nothing wrong with being the arbiter of people’s minds, having great respect, influencing society, and possessing the sheer intelligence to read people’s minds. With his understanding of psychology, the law and exceptional cleverness, Poirot will dominate as a lawyer or make a strong politician with a natural ability to please those around him. The most important thing in our present world and the future is knowledge. More essentially, having the knowledge of the most powerful species on earth, the knowledge of humans. And that is exactly what Poirot possesses. I would take the combination of this resourceful man and work toward making this world a place where all humans strive to live harmoniously.
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