Riding with the Wind
Nathan Qiu, Division 1, 4th grade #ws18e-s1d1

My dream character is soaring through the sky on the back of a dragon, a teenage boy who is a protagonist from the series, How to Train a Dragon. Hiccup, a young Viking, goes to dragon school to learn all sorts of skills such as herding reindeer and sheep, and riding dragons. Courage, kindness, and a peacemaker are the three character traits that Hiccup possesses. If I could have these noble traits, I would live a fulfilled life and perhaps be a catalyst to make this world a better place for humanity.

In the war against wicked dragons, Hiccup saves many people’s lives with his valor. Another way he shows his fearlessness is when he bargains with a devilish dragon, ending up transforming the evil dragon, along with his army, back to the good side. The reason I want to be brave is that life has many obstacles and challenges. Having courage will help me face these encounters and perhaps find solutions to these problems. Acquiring courage will give me a necessary life skill.

Kindness seems to come naturally with Hiccup. He enjoys helping his friend, Fishlegs, to write poetry. In the story, Hiccup prevents the evil dragons from blazing the villages by dropping a fire dragon egg into the volcano that consumes all the villainous dragons. Always being kind, considerate, and sympathetic towards others will help me build compassion. In the end, if everyone in the world is caring, conflicts will cease and our living environment will become a more harmonious place.

The final trait of this hero is that he is a peacemaker. Hiccup’s diplomatic abilities are shown when he unites all the Viking tribes into a more civilized union, ending the human-to-dragon war. Most significantly, Hiccups manages to stop the evil Alvin and his mother from inflicting more harm to the dragons. I would like to be a peacemaker so that I could develop a truthful, sincere, and disciplined attitude to become a peace negotiator, ending wars and destruction in our troublesome world.

Imagine being a hero and riding on the back of a dragon, having the wind rush through your hair, seeing the world laid out below like a map. Would living such a life be adventurous and gratifying? Monotony will never define your life. Courage, kindness, and a peacemaker, the three character traits from my dream character, Hiccup, is what I strive to have. These honorable attributes will guide my life through every bend, twist, and turn.
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