What would I do to make my Education better?
Maria Sahakyan, Division 2, 9th grade #ws18e-s3d2

Education plays an important role in shaping successful people. It gives people the opportunity to become a member of a society by having all the necessary skills. We learn how to meet challenges and overcome obstacles. Moreover, high-quality education enables people to lead a successful life, improves their intelligence, skills, knowledge, and brings positive changes in life. Education is the key to having a fulfilling career that ensures a satisfied life. However, there are still some problems that the education system has nowadays. And some of the problems may have a big effect on everyone’s future. Some of the problems that I would change to make my education better is making the classrooms have fewer students, having resources to make more parents involved in their student’s education, and change the Industrial Age values in our school systems.

First, a lot of schools are very crowded because there are too many students in a classroom. This is a problem because a lot of students may not learn everything that they should learn which results in getting bad grades. Small class sizes are very important because it gives the teachers the opportunity to get to know the students individually. In addition, students can ask a lot more questions and even get some help from the teacher individually. This type of education is very important both for the development of skills and for inspiring students. With more time with their teacher, students are certain to have a greater sense that their teacher cares for them. In addition, when students feel like someone they look up to cares about their work, they will do way better in school. To solve this problem more schools must be built so there won’t be a lot of students in one class.

Second, a lot of parents are not involved enough in their student’s education. Having parents to know their student’s grades or how he/she is doing in school is very important. Unfortunately, some parents do not know the grades of their student. Parents can show involvement at home by helping with homework, reading with their children and discussing school events at school. Parents are sometimes uncertain to become involved in school because they don't have extra time or because they don't speak fluent English. It also comes from their own education history. Some parents often have had parents that also did not care about their grades and had a less-than-satisfactory experience with their own schooling, and so they do the same with their children and do not get involved much in their school. To solve this problem schools must have an easier way for parents to get their student’s grades. Instead of having parents to go to their student’s school and get his/her grades or get their student’s report card once a month the school/district can have a website that parents can get their student’s grades anytime.

Last, there is a growing feeling that something is wrong with our system of education. Parents send their children to school to prepare them for the real world, which is changing very, very fast. But our school system hasn’t changed much for years. At school students are awarded for doing exactly what they are told. These are Industrial Age values which were very important to the factory workers. The modern world values people who can be creative, who can communicate their ideas, and collaborate with others. But our children do not get a chance to develop such skills in a system based on Industrial Age values. Our schools are based on memorization. The teachers teach all the things and the students must memorize those because they have a big exam coming up. But this learning will be almost pointless because most of it is gone the day after the exam. Students are staying up all night memorizing useless facts that they will forget very soon. There is only one way to solve this problem, we must change our whole education system from the Industrial Age to the modern world education system where communicating or collaborating with others is more important than memorizing useless facts that students will forget very soon.

In conclusion, having an education is very important nowadays to be successful and have a good future. Our system of education, which evolved in the Industrial Age, has become outdated and ineffective. If we want to prepare our children for the modern world, if we want learning to be effective and exciting, then we must change our system of education. Unfortunately, there are some problems in today’s education system. And some of the problems may have a life-changing effect on everyone’s future. Some of the problems in our education that I would change to make my education better to make the classrooms have fewer students, have resources to make more parents involved in their student’s education, and change the industrial age values.
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