The Role Nature Plays in Our Lives
Kevin Liu, Division 1, 5th grade #ws17e-s3d1

Nature plays a significant role in our lives. Whether we use herbs for natural medicines, trees to build houses, or animals for food, nature supports humans’ needs and existence. Mother Earth provides us with places to explore such as mint-green forests, hot and arid deserts, and sandy beaches. Nature also has inspired the creation of magnificent inventions that help humans in a big ways for many generations so far and to come.

In our everyday life, many of us have eggs for breakfast and live in comfortable houses. Nature provides us with the elements to stay healthy such as chickens that hatch eggs and wood to build our homes with. There are also herbs for natural medicines or cough drops. We enjoy nutritious fruits and vegetables grown out of our own organic gardens at school and at home. We can also create useful staples like rulers or pencils with wood. Without Mother Earth, we wouldn’t have nutritious food or useful items.

The world offers some splendid places for us to visit that are wonders of nature. The magnificent red stones in the Grand Canyon, the live volcanoes on the Island of Hawaii, the giant waterfalls at Yosemite, and the gorgeous, tranquil scenery of La Jolla Cove are all masterpieces created by nature. Beautiful rainforest and snow-capped mountains are also great places to explore. Humans can even learn about how animals and plants survive in the desert or find out what type of birds they encounter in the rainforest. Nature distributes sandy beaches throughout the world, from the white sand beaches in California to the black sand beaches in Hawaii. They are all great for entertainment and adventures. Because of nature, the experiences of exploring new places, learning how animals live, and having fun at a beach all become reality for humankind to deeply enrich their lives.

Nature has inspired some worthwhile inventions. Birds inspired the wing design of an airplane. One ancient airplane was originally built as a bird-shaped model. Another brilliant example was an ancient clock. Humans utilized the sun in the making of the sundial, a device that uses the shadow of an object exposed to the sun to tell time. There are many more inventions that were improved or inspired by nature such as Velcro, which came from burdock burrs; and the improvement of the Shinkansen Bullet Train in Japan, which was inspired by the Kingfisher's ripple when it darted into the water for a meal. Better inventions lead to more advanced technology and betterment of humanity.

Nature is the building block for future inventions. In addition to the basic resources nature offers to human race for survival and the beautiful sceneries for enjoyment, numerous artists turn to nature for inspiration and create millions of classic pieces of art. The role nature plays in our lives is tremendously imperative and we should appreciate all the beauty around us that is made possible by Mother Earth.
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