Guiding Me To Learning
Anshi Kanodia, Division 1, 5th grade #ws16e-s2d1

Strolling down the gardens of Vancouver, I took in the wonderful smells and sights of the serene garden. The sun peeked through the clouds, and light illuminated across the gurgling stream. My eyes followed the lights onto the moving water, dancing and halting as it hit pebbles along its path. Merging with other streams, they molded into a splashing waterfall, just like a baby evolving from one stage of life to the next. A small patch of wild blossoms caught my attention. Fresh, fragrant, fascinating, like a just cut pine tree. Nature embraced all my thoughts as I strolled without a care in the world. Freshness, budding leaves embellished with dew like crystal beads. Fragrance, pleasant scents exuberating from the soil carpeted with petals. Fascination, the natural landscape, vibrant colors competing with a Monet painting. The cool, morning breeze caressed my face, alluring me to dwell in that moment of tranquility.

Revealing its brilliance, the sun sparked across the Vandusen Garden, chasing away the cold breeze in the air. A monkey tree with twisted branches stretching in all directions startled me. I loved the way the branches crossed over to create captivating designs and block the blinding sun. I never once wished I were indoors. Mother Nature was beckoning me into her embrace.

Shining brightly, the sun beamed over us as we reached the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Being afraid of heights, I summoned all my courage to step out on this elongated bridge that was 230 feet above a river. An unexpected heavy drizzle started to saturate the ground. My determination to cross the bridge was not wavered, as I braved myself and took a few steps. Good, this bridge isn’t wobbling, I told myself. Forgetting all of my anxiety and apprehensions, I kept going across the bridge. Drawn by the huge cedar, Douglas fir, and hemlock trees, I started to feel overwhelmed, as the bridge was looming above all those tall trees. My footsteps never ceased. I inched forward. Fog began to engulf the bottoms of the trees, but the babbling river beneath the bridge was as clear as glass. The fresh aroma from the rain and wet soil was refreshing as I finally completed the arduous task. A cool mist was in the air but unknown warmth enveloped me, rendering a silent applause.

Sitting on a bench at English Bay beach, the sun started to return to its hiding place behind the ocean. The warm hues merged with the cool ocean colors, forming an irresistible landscape. Silhouettes of ships shadowed across the sun as I reminisced about this special place and how nature had guided me into learning to never take Mother Nature for granted. People and desires may come and go, but nature withstands the test of time. As I caught the last speck of light disappearing into the horizon, the sounds of the ocean lingered as darkness fell.
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