Beauty and Perfection, Now and Forever
Rebecca Wei, Division 1, 6th grade #ws16e-s2d1

One long road stretched around the mountain in a never-ending route. One long road surrounded by thick, lush greenery repeated in a unique sequence, never quite the same. One long road harbored dozens of faded, but stunning bridges that seem to tell tales of the past to onlookers. One long road embellished by towering, thundering, and tantalizing waterfalls that mystified the air, showering minuscule droplets, gushing down over protruding rocks. One long road never failed to take my breath away.

Dark gray clouds masked the azure sky hidden behind. Bright glares of sunlight broke out of its dense prison, illuminating scattered spots of the vast rainforest. Driving under the near impenetrable canopy simulated traveling through a portal. Flourishing plants played a game of tag while taller relatives shared an embrace, limbs intertwining. Slate gray of the rocks underneath the thriving undergrowth clashed with the florescent green. Gentle rustling echoed throughout the serene land, drops twinkling in swaying leaves. Around every bend, I caught a glimpse of the glistening ocean, Soft froth glided across the rocking waves. Light glinted off the surface, coloring the sea a deep royal blue.

Flowing beneath bridges, rivers rushed down into steep dips in the picturesque mountainside. Roaring waterfalls trapped in alcoves attracted all eyes, dousing their gleams in a small sprinkle of crystal gems. Cascades of glimmering water crashed onto the rocks below, effectively spritzing them in a splash of shattering glasses, shimmering under the reflective sunlight. Thick bushes surrounded the falls, bowing in front of the powerful force of nature. Slim trickles of water leaked from the intricately vine-laced wall. Cars parked around the captivating giants flickered, applauding in flashes of reflective lights.

Rain poured torrentially down. Only minutes at a time but clattered against any surface, strong enough to chip rocks. Dots of water first drifted to the ground, only visible to the keenest of eyes, but after seconds of placid droplets, the beads escalated in size, battering even those with the strongest endurance. Minutes passed. Tranquility transpired. While the rain faded, the sky set free of its cloudy captivity, only the fresh drops shimmering on bobbing jade sheet below reminded me of the brief storm. Standing on a looming cliffside, the booming ocean echoed a deafening roar, concealing all other sound. Strong gusts of wind acted as overprotective parents, pulling me farther from the edge. Breathing in the salty air, I stood defiantly, reveling being so close to a raging beast. Across the ocean border, a wall of emerald flora stared back. With each deafening clash of a never-ending war, the once faint drops of seas pray multiplied, pummeling the wave-ravaged stone.

Sporadic thunderstorms and water vapor blizzards, tranquil rainforests and thunderous seas, ominous clouds, optimistic, soft flowing streams, and monstrous waterfalls congregate to make the Road to Hana, perfection in the most imperfect way. The Road to Hana, a place where I can completely lose myself, in the impeccable beauty, now and forever.
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