My Best Experience
Andrea Ni, Division 2, 9th grade

  No matter how long or short your life may be, I think everyone should have at least one “best experience.” If you’re asked, “What’s your best life experience so far,” someone’s face might light up right away, while others may have to think for a while before answering. Well, if you ask me, I would be the second type. So, after thinking about it for a few minutes, I would like to write about my best experience at the boarding school where I am studying. It may not sound special to you, but it was the actually the experience of riding in the back of a pick-up truck and enjoying the rush of the wind blowing through my hair.
    Yes, it is as simple as that. This may seem strange to you, but actually it was a truly enjoyable experience for me. You see, when I was small, I grew up in the suburbs, so all I saw were rows and rows of houses, gardens, and stores here and there. Because of this environment, I always had a dream of going to the countryside and riding in a pick-up truck, especially after seeing scenes of it in the movies. However, I thought this wish would only be fulfilled only after I grew up, because I rarely had the chance to go to the countryside.
    Then things suddenly changed. When I was in seventh grade, my mom decided to send me to a small boarding school located in the countryside. It is a unique school with many restrictions and a busy schedule, so students are rarely allowed the freedom to do the things they want to do. In ninth grade, however, our class was assigned to do community service and I was practically yelling with glee, not because of the hard work that had been planned, but for the fact that we were going to ride a pick-up truck to our destination! When I first saw that old and run-down truck, my jaw dropped. It certainly wasn’t the kind of pick-up truck that I had seen in the movies, but it still proved to be an unforgettable experience for me.
    After all the students scrambled onto the truck, the driver secured the drop-down sides and we sped off. I forced my way to the front and stood up, relaxing as I felt the powerful wind blowing across me. The wind was whistling past us as we drove on. Although I kept shifting because of the lack of control over my hair, which was whipping behind me, the truck ride was great! After a while, I was pretty disappointed when the truck came to a halt, leading us to the doomed place where we were going to do community service.
    As the driver loosened the sides of the truck and beckoned us to hop down, my heart sank. The ride was too short! I reluctantly climbed out of the truck, wishing that the ride could last longer. Then our teacher led us to the organic farmlands and instructed us to spread some fertilizer at the base of some guava trees. The minutes seemed to drag on one after another. After what seemed to be an eternity, our teacher told us to clean up and get on that old truck in order to return to school. That’s when my face lit up again.
    I clambered up on the truck, pushed my way to the front, and stood up. The driver secured the sides again and we drove off. It felt great as the wind blew dry the sticky sweat on my face. I shouted to my friend how great the wind felt, and she shouted back that it was really worth it to do community service in exchange for a thrilling truck ride. In no time, however, the truck screeched to a halt and we filed off. However, as we walked back to our dorms to shower up, my mind was still on the truck ride, savoring every precious second of that trip.
    Even though the experience was short-lived, it is something that I will always remember. The feeling of wind blowing across my face was exciting, and it was like no other feeling that I had ever had. Although I only rode on that truck a few times, I still hope to ride one when we go out of school next time. So, if someone asks me about my best experience one day in the future, I’ll still think about that one. Well, time will pass and maybe some even better experiences will occur, but this still stands out in my memory. 
    Everybody’s “best experience” holds a special place in his or her heart, but which one is best is a really personal thing. What may be very ordinary to you might be the best one for me. For this reason, we should cherish our experiences, no matter how simple they may be, and respect those of others.
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