Four Seasons
Angelina Nguyen, Division 1, 5th grade #ws17e-s3d1

Down the grassy spring meadow, I strolled through the tranquil forest. Busy chatters sounded about, and the stifling wind blew across the grassy forest. Vivid, kelly green leaves danced on the jutting branches of the bold, aging trees. Birds nestled comfortably in their laboriously woven nests, and the billowing clouds played a game of charades. The great stretch of beryl blue was a braided blanket, wrapping around the lands, forests, and oceans. I hummed to myself, skipping over a racing river, blasting powerfully through worn, wet stones. It burst and smashed through, cutting a swerving channel, bursting and booming with a blustering crash and slam. Hopping over the rocks cheerfully, the water surged forward. Bunnies and squirrels squeaked and scampered, and the sun hung in the great, azure sky.

Mud squealed beneath my shoes as I bounced towards the autumn-painted forest. Leaves crackled under my feet, like small thunderclaps. Animals were bustling and gathering food for their young ones. Scurrying around, they desperately scavenged for food. I felt the bitter wind, charged at my face and I rubbed my red nose, then my red cheeks. Shivering, I made my way to the babbling stream, the roads of the forest as my friend had said. I took a risk, dipping my pale fingers into the gushing river. Jolting back, I withdrew my practically frozen hand. The river was not as swelled up as I had remembered, and little leave-boats with little raindrop sailors cruised leisurely along, aimlessly downstream.

Pearly-white snow crunched under my feet, with the sharp, brisk wind stinging my face. A cloud of steaming breath escaped from my mouth. Feeling the chill, I wrapped my stiff arms around my frail body. Winter’s breath blew an icy gust across the forest floor. No animal was in sight, only fine, ice figures, cut by nature itself. When I reached the stream, I could see that it was frozen. No sound could be heard except for the howling wails of the chilled breezes. As I leaned closer, I saw noticed itty-bitty raindrop figure skaters, dancing on the smooth ice. As I looked again and saw colorful fish surging against the current. They were frozen in time, caught in the moment and captured by winter. My eyes shifted up to see a great shadow etched across the sky. A flurry of snow unexpectedly drifted aimlessly to the ground, like little flying squirrels. One landed at my feet.

Blades of grass tickled my legs as I ran through the field. The air was warmer and the breeze was fresh. Animals scurried out from their little holes and went to play. As I pranced towards the brook, the leaves on trees flitted like butterflies. Birds soared about and hummingbirds twittered a sweet melody. I finally reached the flying river, jumping and pouncing at the stones. Tongues of water leaped up, licking my shoes and soaking them. I laughed in the sun, and danced with nature, embracing me with all her awakening senses.
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