Picture This
Rocio Arias, Division 2, 9th grade #ws17e-s2d2

What do you think of when you hear the word ""technology""? When asked this question my family and friends responded with ""Smartphones, Laptops, and Wi-fi,"" and that's probably the first thing that came to your mind. You'll often hear phrases like ""I can't live without my phone"" or ""I can't survive without Wi-Fi"" but what about the technology that saves literal lives?

Picture this: A young man rushes to the hospital after the devastating news that his sister was involved in a car accident and is in critical condition. The doctor explains she has injured a vital organ, her lungs. What's keeping her alive? Life Support. The chances are slim, but because of Life Support, his sister has a chance of surviving.

Also inside the hospital, a young girl is getting ready for her Appendicitis surgery. She had been complaining about stomach pain for days. She had raging fevers and had vomited twice in a day.The doctors were able to diagnose her with Appendicitis and advised the removal of her Appendix. She laid in the hospital bed waiting for the Anesthesiologist to come and administer the Anesthesia that would result in a painless surgery. Her parents like any parents were worried, but doctors made sure to remind them that the surgery had a high success rate. They assured them their daughter would be unconscious and would not feel anything. After the surgery was done, she would be healthy again and would no longer be in pain.

In a different setting in a city, a woman is running late. She jumps in her car and drives. She arrives 10 minutes before an important meeting she has been preparing for since last month, but she remembers what her doctor had said on her last visit. She was supposed to check her blood glucose levels periodically. She had been recently diagnosed with diabetes, and it was still difficult for her to remember to test her blood. It was simple though much to her convenience, all she had to do was poke her fingertip with a lancet and drop a droplet of blood into the testing strip connected to the meter. Her blood glucose levels turn out to be slightly higher than normal. As she walks to the conference room, she chews on a couple of almonds as an attempt to lower her sugar levels.

Across town, an elderly man is experiencing strange cardiac rhythms. No one is home, but him. His vision is a blur and he feels faint. He suddenly realizes what's going on. With a last burst of strength before the misfortune, he presses a button dangling from his neck. He has just called an ambulance. With quick speed, the paramedics use an automated external defibrillator to control his heart rate. ""You're very lucky, sir. If we had come a minute later I'm afraid you wouldn't have made it"", the paramedics say after the man returns to consciousness.

Doctors can harness the power of technology to help save lives. Imagine what would have been the outcome if life support, Anesthesia, medical alert systems, or blood glucose meters didn't exist in the scenarios. The results would have been devastating. Now, picture those people being related or close to you. It truly makes you realize how important medical technology is. Doctors can use Technology to find cures for diseases that can ravage your immune system. Influenza, for example, was once a deadly disease, but now the risk of Influenza being deadly is slim. Now it can be cured with over the counter antibiotics. It really leads you to believe that maybe with the advancement of medical technology one day cancer and other fatal diseases can be cured with a simple antibiotic painlessly.
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