A Twinless Twin
Evan Sanford, Division 1, 6th grade #ws17e-s1d1

What makes me different from everyone else Is that I have a twin brother that no one sees. Jack passed away when we were fourteen days days old from Dandy Walker Syndrome. Even though Jack died, he is still a big part of my life. His passing has made me more compassionate, loving, and interested in the well being of all.

I live with a burden that no one understands. Living without a brother is like trying to be whole without an arm. It feels like a part of me has been torn away. Life would have been very different if he had survived, but I would gladly take up any extra burden if that would mean I got to spend sometime with Jack. There are days when I feel like just not getting out of bed because I am thinking about him. My birthday is as much a sad day as a happy one because my whole family is thinking about him. When we go to Jack’s grave, I pray that he found his way to heaven and that Mom and Dad made the right choice taking him off of the ventilator. I pray that I get to see him again someday.

Looking back, many of my choices and feelings reflect Jack’s role in my life. My love of animals, big and small is one. Another is when I go to various places to serve others instead of playing outside or reading. Some years, the anniversary of his death falls on Thanksgiving day. Last year, we went to Feed My Starving Children as a large group to celebrate Jack’s life on earth. We fed about forty children for a whole year! It feels good when do good in the world in his honor. I have been called a “peacemaker” by my friends, and a “justice police” by my parents. Both of these things are related to me wanting the best for all and wanting things to be fair. Life wasn’t fair for my family, and I want to make it right. When someone else is having a bad day, this loss helps to make me more understanding and compassionate.

Sometimes, when I go to school, and someone says “Jack”, I think of him and just slow down for a while. Even as a sixth grader, I sometimes hang my head, and cry. Life without Jack is the worst thing that can ever happen to me. But we have to find the gifts of his life to get through the sad times.

People call me an old soul, and that comes back to Jack. I think losing him has brought out the part of me that thinks hard about big ideas, as well as the part of me that is striving for a better way to do things. When I have alone time, I think about things that make me different than everyone else, and having a twin brother that no one sees is always the first on my list.
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