It's the Little Things
Hannah Savage, Division 2, 12th grade #ws17e-s3d2

Last night you left the windows open in your house only to wake up and feel the cool crisp air. You stretch and sit up in your silk linen pajamas with a book on your lap that you fell asleep reading the night before. Just as you start to touch your toes to the cold hardwood floor, a breeze sweeps by you. You find yourself still, sitting on the bed, sighing in relaxation, relief, and absentmindedness of everything except the breeze rustling the leaves outside your window.

Waking up to crisp cool air in the morning is my one of many favorite elements that nature has to offer. A perk of living in Michigan is that I get to wake up to many of these mornings. I always find nature playing the role of relaxation in my life. When I find myself waking up to these types of mornings, they always seem reassuring. The reassurement helps me find relaxation with in myself because the air allows me to feel like I have a fresh start to the day, as fresh as the morning air.

After all of the years my mom has lived up north close to Higgins Lake, I have learned that nature is my miniature vacation. I walk through the woods by myself to the back of the property to a large open field just to see all the bumble bees buzzing to and from purple teasel, dandelions, and tall grasses. I walk through the woods to escape everything else going on in a time consumed life. The woods is where time freezes temporarily, just long enough to allow all of my thoughts to escape my mind and blow away in the breeze along beside the dandelion seeds I just blew off of the stem.

I even found relaxation in a seagull using my head s a personal restroom. I know what you are thinking, how is the even remotely relaxing? Yes, I was most definitely disgusted that the seagull had done that to me but oddly enough I found myself relaxed. Sitting on the lawn while I was on vacation eating a satisfying picnic and out of the gigantic blue sky comes a seagull to relieve itself. At first I looked around wondering if anyone noticed, only to think to myself who cares. I belted out a hearty laugh only for my wonderful step-mom to chime in too. I found relaxation in this peculiar moment because I found myself laughing and enjoying my surroundings that the outside world has to offer.

Mother nature shares more characteristics with me than just relaxation. Nature also shows trustworthiness and security. Nature permits me to feel free, as almost if I am wrapped up in a warm blanket that shields me from all the fibs. I can relay anyone’s secrets, even my own, to the scuttling chipmunks or the needles on the pine tree and their lips are sealed. Even after a long day at school with my shirt sticking to my back from the heat I can always count on nature to be there for me as soon as I walk out the school doors. Nature will sing me a cheery song to brighten my day or blow my long blonde hair behind me in the wind.

I also see an original. Everything that is in my surroundings is original. A characteristic that can never be replicated in the world of outdoors. Nature is its own thing, it will never be a follower of anything instead it will be a leader. Sure people will want to try and replicate it but they will never be as good as the original.

Productive, another characteristic that defines the role of nature in my life. Whether it is mammals, reptiles, amphibians, or even vegetation, they are always reproducing. They are what allows parts of our world to prosper. Nature is constantly working it’s tail off to maintain the food chain, reproduction, and many other cycles. One of the most important cycles that nature is productive in is the respiration cycle. The cycle that is what helps us, as humans, be productive on a daily basis.

I have described nature to be relaxing, trustworthy, secure, original, and productive. After even all of these characteristics there is still a ton more including, resourceful. Nature is filled with numerous amounts of resources regardless of what it is you need. A big resource that is held in nature is lumber and food. With being productive nature allows itself to reproduce so that we may have resources. Lumber and food is something that we use everyday. Also being resourceful, nature has allowed us to study all the functions that it holds so that we as a society may evolve.

Last but definitely not last, nature is colorful. Every year when Michigan reaches fall all the trees turn colors. Colors that range from red, orange, green, brown, and yellow. Even the birds are that splash of color that you need in your life. Red Robins, Blue Jays, Yellow Canaries, or even the rainbow colored parrots that soar high above you in the green colored trees. If you feel blue all you ever have to do is look out a window and find colors that are pleasing to the eye. Nature owns many hues of colors, it technically owns the entire rainbow. Color is everywhere in nature. Everything from the smallest red little lady bug to the biggest redwood tree in the green canopy covered rainforest.

Nature holds a diverse group of characteristics. I would have to say that nature holds a very special spot in my heart for the role that it plays in my life everyday. Nature plays the role of being my best friend or that older sibling that I’ve always wanted. Nature surrounds you in all aspects of life whether you realize it or not. Nature defends, protects, listens, talks, is resourceful, is trustworthy, provides relaxation, and gives you reassurance just like a best friend should.
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