As Light As a Feather
Savannah Tran, Division 1, 5th grade #ws18e-s1d1

A feather is free, it blows in the wind and has no boundaries. A feather is also very flexible, it follows wherever the wind takes it. When a feather falls, it rises back up. For these reasons, Forrest Gump and a feather are very similar. Obstacles in life never discourage him, he just bounces right back with his positive outlook in life.

Traveling with the wind and like a feather, when Forrest Gump’s leg braces broke off, he started running and the world had no boundaries for him from that moment on. Always having a positive attitude, he has numerous successful careers. His shrimp company does very well, helping to boost his confidence as a businessman. Like a dancing feather, Gump never really has any clear destiny, no point where he is supposed to end up. Life for him is full of uncontrolled events. Much of Gump’s life is about the way humankind explores the world that they are given, for better or for worse, as they do not perceive the road ahead. This is a very important trait to have as it will help me to become more flexible, especially when I am sometimes fixated with the rigid expectations in life, incapable of changing for the better.

Gump is very adaptable with life and the challenges that he encounters, just like a feather. He adapts to many difficult situations and hardships without hesitation. Suffering tremendously with the passing of Mrs. Gump, Bubba, and Jenny, he keeps his head held high. Gump drifts wherever his life takes him. Greeted with ragged edges, he overcomes his sorrows and moves on. Similar to a feather, he never knows where his next destination will take him. I wish I could be just like Gump because I do not have to will power to let go of matters easily, but I will strive in life to see situations in a positive way. Developing the power of positivity will help me become a person of hope.

Staying grounded is not a way of life for a feather. It finds motivation from the wind, taking it to various adventures. In Gump’s case, he is motivated by his heart, leading him through the different stages of his life. Despite all the rejections and losses, he resolves to run and keeps pushing to go forward. His inspiration derives from the thankfulness of the life he is given. His misfortunes only inspire him to keep moving and never give up until he reaches his goals. This is the most important trait to have, not to give up and persevere. Having this attribute will help me to accomplish objectives and fuel the passion in my life journey.

Forrest Gump is my hero, leader, and role model.
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