I want to change the world
YOU-AN DONG, Division 1, 4th grade #ws18e-s2d1

This question, you should think about yourself at the beginning, I want to change the world.

The resources on Earth are money, and solar energy is also used to buy money. Without solar panels, people cannot
Learning plant photosynthesis is so perfect and convenient. What I don't understand is why some wealthy people are highly educated, high-educated, fast-learning, and efficient. However, they constantly make garbage, and they don't consider garbage disposal. Can they be considered great? ?

Perhaps from the perspective of human culture, but from a perpetual point of view, destroying wetlands, mining mountains and rocks, developing roads, cutting down rainforests, developing cool popular technologies, new clothes, new foods, building Expo, art The center, traffic roads, any construction waste on the earth, threaten ecological resources, and threaten the right of future generations. Are these people celebrities or cult objects?

Science and technology have always considered human nature, science and technology are also changing with each passing day, take the name of environmental protection, and make huge profits for environmental protection.
Most politicians only value their personal future, they do not attach importance to the country’s entire future, they completely demolish empty houses, build fresh green spaces, and invest in the perfect green “vision” of future generations!

To change the world, first, don't behave indifferently. Timely land and earth resources have been given reasonable wheeze. Aging is a natural law and there is no need to force change.

Secondly, it is important not to build an ecological city, properly treat the land, replace the original old city, demolish the house, and relocate and build a new generation of ecological construction. Not always developing mountain forests. Wetlands, sightseeing, transportation, industrial areas, religious temples.... Without natural land, where did our resources come from?

Third, proper classification and recycling. Do not arbitrarily dispose of it and judge it yourself. You think about how many people there are in the earth, how much garbage there will be, and then you ""dare (think)"" to make garbage everywhere? Unfortunately, this world is just about anyone who discharges waste. There are many people who are far away from the law to create pollution and even kill people. Are these people really ignorant?

Fourth, reduce the common pollutants in life. (Gas locomotive exhaust gas, oil fumes, .., etc., if the air pollutants are almost uncontrolled everywhere) Most people should be able to reduce pollutants as long as they are interested.

Fifth, ecological simulation, if you think of a small leaf of a plant, it can be photosynthesis, and the human body can absorb the nutrients in the sunlight. The power generation, but it is so complicated, we should be able to do it in biotechnology, but However, there may be a risk of the spread of biological viruses.

Silk, feathers, and so on. Not all are called natural. If it is used effectively and reasonably regulated. Can reduce a lot of artificial waste.
Sixth, eat more food, do not eat food.
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