My Ticking Friend
Alex Zhang, Division 1, 6th grade #ws17e-s2d1

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! For most people you hear the telltale sound of an alarm clock every morning. With its familiar buzz there to greet me, I know rain or shine I can count on my alarm clock. Though many people are in a constant war with the snooze button, I for one admit that I rely on my alarm clock to wake me up every morning. As a parting gift from my grandma I have grown to love its practical uses and functions. So even if it may represent a long day at work or another boring day at school, an alarm clock has symbolized itself as a friend to me, and something I can count on. One of the few electronics I use daily, I think that my Alarm clock is my most important piece of technology.

Being late is something I have avoided since I got my alarm clock. As a relatively old piece of technology, it's time we appreciate this wonder that shapes our lives, and thrust it into the spotlight. Though some of you may scoff at an alarm clock while watching television, an alarm clock is one of the most beneficial pieces of technology. Temperature, music, time, and news are all features on this mystical device. From dressing to suit the climate or knowing which highways are clogged, I am equipped to fight everyday problems with the help of my alarm clock.

Despite holding all sorts of functions and practical uses, my alarm clock holds sentimental value to me. Though a piece of machinery may seem cold and empty, this was one of the last gifts my grandma gave me before she passed away. As a reward for getting into fast track, my alarm clock has helped me through thick and thin. With every wake up call and reminder, it seems like she is really there to both guide and help me throughout life.

My alarm clock is my friend. After all what else can you call something that is always there for you. Whenever I failed a test, got yelled at, or even just felt sad I always jumped into my bed and let my alarm clock’s music take me away. I would think about the things I would do if I was a wizard, or how riding a dragon would feel like and after ten minutes in bed I would be ready to take on the day again. As a savior in dark times, I know no matter what mistakes I make, my alarm clock is always there.

Being there for you, and waking you up every morning shows a lot about something, and here we know the dedication an alarm clock shows. Without unnecessary features and gadgets, you can truly appreciate the effectiveness of an alarm clock. Though it's not as high tech as an iPhone or a computer, this traditional piece of technology is always there for me and is my most important piece of technology.
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