Music is My Life
YUNG-I WANG, Division 2, 7th grade

Music is the art of life. Music can give people peace of mind, and it can also bring our hearts out of busy lifestyles. As for me, music is my best friend – we play together, laugh together, and of course we cry together. A good saying by Bob Marley that “there is one good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Whenever I am upset due to the test scores, playing the flute makes me feel better. It touches me so deeply that I can completely feel my heart getting over the sadness. Music is also like my family, it always helps to support me, it takes care of me and gives me a clear picture of who I am. Whenever there are melodies, my heart can be comforted in a way that I never expected. I share my impression about songs with my family, and the language between us is “music”.

Music walked into my life when I was little. I felt very surprised, and I think music is the only thing that can relieve pressure. A musical encounter is the best experience in my life. I was introduced to music when I was four. Music had made my life different. I learned to play the piano at first, and I loved it! Playing the piano allowed me to feel very comfortably. The feeling is just like dancing in a beautiful garden, or lying down on the grass, or enjoying the warm sunshine, now! When I was at elementary school, mom opened my eyes to music. She let me go to musical classes. At first I was a little against it, but I tried and fell in love with it! The reason is the teachers are kind, and I really like my classmates. There are also a lot of special lessons that I have never tried! I learned a second musical instrument, the flute, in music class, too. I also learned many difficult things in the music class, such as doing a 'one-minute performance on stage takes ten years of hard work off stage.' For this reason and from experience I now respect performers. I still remember a month before the graduation concert, I spent a lot of time, practicing the songs again and again, just for the day of the show. Practicing my musical instrument was tiring and busy, but I really enjoyed it. Although learning music keeps me busy, I do not have any complaints. The reason is pretty easy, I love it! To do the things that I love is a blessing.

My parents say that after learning music, I look different. They say I have a better temperament and can control my temper better than before. Before I always threw tantrums for small things, such as wanting to eat certain foods, but my parents said that it was not healthy, and they don’t want me to eat it. I would be very mad and vexed, but now I won’t! I know they care about my health. I think, maybe this is the magic of learning music! Many people say that music can change a mean man to become a kind gentleman, I believe it! Learning music has also changed my mind. Before, I always hated to talk to strangers, but I don’t know why, now I like to share and talk to them! Well, I was still a little shy, I guess. Learning about music does take much of my time, but it also makes a lot of changes in my life. I believe music can make me a kinder girl.

I am very grateful to my parents. They invested a lot of money in my music lessons, even if they do not have enough money, they still tell me not to give up. I'm very lucky to born in such a nice family. They support me walk in the path of their choice. They hope I enjoy music, this is the way they care for and support me. Music is my life, I can’t live without it, or my family. I know, there will be more unknown tests waiting for me. In the future, I will bravely go forward, and never give up, and never back down, and always adhere to the road of music.
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