Green Tech
Shine Wang, Division 1, 6th grade #ws17e-s2d1

"Look, daddy! Are those fan-like octopus hands stretching out from the ground? Are there dead aliens or monsters underground?!” I was freaking out at the time when I asked my father. “No, silly! They’re just wind turbines.” My dad responded with a big smile. After I realized the purpose of the windmills along the highway, it suddenly sparked my interest in studying green technology.

Wind turbines could be referred to 21st century windmills, a device that can generate renewable energy. The first reason why I think green tech is important is because Dr. Jane Goodall said, “Our planet has finite resources, and we’re using them up.” Green tech can be a substitute for these resources, as they aren’t used up easily, and the energy can be recycled back to the environment. For example, solar panels, and hydroelectricity factories can be made to produce more energy without using up a natural resource. As the Father of India; Gandhi said, “Our planet can provide for human need, but not for human greed.” The “greed” definitely takes control of our brains, as we want more than what we usually need. Most ignorant people think that resources are inexhaustible, which is terrifying. If we don’t control ourselves and create alternative energy, our planet would soon be completely destroyed by greedy human beings.

Along with the abuse of unsustainable energy sources (e.g., coals, oils), our planet is full of pollutants. For instance, greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, the stench from rubbish, garbage along the river bank or seashore, we are clearly a threat to the environment. Additional issues are various types of contamination, which include water, thermal, radioactive, and soil contamination. For instance, although many nuclear power plants are installed to offer relatively clean and affordable energy, their plants may spread radioactive chemicals to the air and water when earthquakes and/or tsunamis cause damage to the nuclear plant’s structures. Therefore, we have to search for a safer, cheaper, and more sustainable energy production method that can reduce contamination in our planet, and this is the second reason why I think increased green tech development is in urgent need.

The inefficient operation of energy production in devices is another reason we should popularize the development of green tech. For example; my dad’s car, with one liter of fuel, can only run about 9 kilometers but if we could invent cars that can run 90 or 100 kilometers on one liter of fuel, wouldn’t that be great? That would save more energy resources. In addition to inventing more advanced energy saving vehicles, home appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, or washing machines could be made more efficient with variable frequency compressors. My theory is that both renewable and less sustainable resources could and should be used in a more efficient way. This is the third reason why green tech is one of the most important types of technology we should advocate.

So far, the resources on the earth are facing three severe challenges: (1) resource shortage, (2) the abuse of resources, and (3) the inefficient operation of those resources. Green tech can help us enjoy a sustainable and lovely earth. Our planet Earth is just like our mother, who always cares for us and forgives us for our mistakes. So, we should also give our love back to her, with compassion, a grateful attitude, and a helping hand, as there is only that “ONE” Earth!
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