Declaration of Peace
Ryan Lin, Division 1, 5th grade #ws16e-s3d1

The world thinks that you need violence to preserve peace: The National Rifle Association is telling us that if we have more guns for the good guys people will be safe. Many world leaders believe that if we have more nuclear weapons there will be MAD (Mutually assured destruction) and MAD will make everyone scared to make the first strike. In America, there are thousands of gun-related murders happening every year. It’s also dangerous that nuclear weapons are in the world because someday, someone like Donald Trump could fire nuclear weapons and start world war 3. In order to make the world a better place, we need to stop relying on violence for peace by destroying all nuclear weapons and stop gun violence. I will also make a petition and hold an educational campaign to stop the violence in the world through a declaration of peace.

It seems we have some good solutions already. Some say we should destroy nuclear weapons and don’t use them at all. We can destroy all guns or use guns less and keep them just in case. We can also use smart guns or we can have more security, such as checking gun buyers’ background information.These ideas are good but are not that efficient. Some gun buyers could lie about their background information; the bad guys can always make guns after you take them away. Also, if all the countries destroys their nuclear weapons they can always make them again secretly. Instead of making rules we should just change the way that they think about peace in their heart.

To change people's heart, I can make them sign a petition or hold an educational campaign to renounce violence. The petition can be about not hurting other people or not attacking people even if they attack you first. Then people can sign it so more people can try harder to not hurt anybody. Also the educational campaign could be about destroying nuclear weapons and not using guns to kill people. Then the people’s heart who sign the petition and take part in the educational campaign could be changed so they don’t think that guns and nuclear weapons are a way to make peace. I can tell my friends about the petition and then ask them to sign it. Then after they sign it, they can tell other people that they know to sign, so it can be like a gigantic chain reaction with billions and millions of people signing the petition around the world.

I am confident that my petition will change countless hearts, because it is about turning the other cheek -- a famous line in the Bible that more than a billion Christians on Earth believe in. It is also about the Golden Rule - you should treat others the way you want to be treated, a rule also shared by all major religions around the world. Let's get the petition started, declare peace, and make the world a better place now!
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