On the Coast
Megan Apostol, Division 1, 5th grade

Eager to dip my feet into the water that was burning from stepping on the blistering grains of sand, I raced down the shore. Tiptoeing, I reached the foamy, white outskirt of the water and was welcomed by a pleasantly cold embrace. Quivering, I dove into the water and found a mesmerizing swirl of colorful shells. Some contained a living creature while others were still waiting for a homeless crab to come and claim them. I collected a few empty shells and swam leisurely back to shore, swept by the calm waves and caressed by the amber seaweed. 

Sitting down on my towel near the rocks on the top of the hill, I looked down at the waves, crashing against the protruding boulders. I gathered bits and pieces of seaweed and lined my shells up on the rocks crevices, creating an imaginary self-portrait. The sun was now dipping into the horizon and the temperature started to drop. I wrapped a towel around myself from the cool evening breeze and waded down to the tide pools. Cautiously I walked on the jagged rocks to avoid stepping on a sea animal. Taking several steps into a small pool filled with exquisite, fragile entities, I picked up a shell, thinking it was empty, but instead was greeted by a brown sea snail, its head dripping with a mucus covering. Carefully I lowered it into the water and immediately dried the slime off my hands onto the towel. As I looked back down at the pool, I noticed a peach colored anemone. I pinched one of the waving tentacles, then decided to squeeze the whole sea plant, amazed by its texture. My new companion, Peach, and I were hugging and being inseparable! A fish swam by my new pal who let go of me to sting the fish instead. I was horrified and disappointed in how fast Peach left me. 

A few rocks away from Peach’s home, I looked for another new friend. While I was gazing around, I was startled by a wet plop dripping onto my sandal. A squabble of squawking seagulls was flapping above, ready to dive toward me at any second. Clutching my towel tightly around me, I darted off the tide pool to my spot on the top of the hill. Overwhelmed, I decided it was time to wrap up the day.

I gathered my belongings and headed home, back to the regular routine of the evening. I turned around to wave goodbye to the moon, gradually ascending in various hues of a light pink sky, reflecting off the calm currents of the water over the misty, dark forest where it watched over us until sunrise. As I ambled away, I felt sad leaving the place that allowed my imagination to soar, the place that brought me to an adventure of countless possibilities, and a place that always made me feel at ease. Farewell for now but I will be back, my dear friend.
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