Time and Money As the Two Main Burdens
Deseriee Ibarra, Division 3, College senior #ws18e-s3d3

School can be a real burden when students are not able to afford college and are thus forced to take out student loans just to pay for college or assignments pile up one after another. Financial debt is becoming such a huge issue that it is affecting the lives of many students from all backgrounds. Each year schools are increasing their tuition rates partly due to inflation, however, it still does not help the fact that students struggle just to pay for college even after they have graduated. College could be better if students were not obligated to put themselves in debt with thousands of dollars to get an education that may or may not even help them attain a career they are seeking for in the future. Spacing the time between when assignments are due is another solution to reduce the negative outcomes that occur among ourselves because we would not have to stay up late to complete several assignments at once.

One of the ways our education could improve is by making college affordable for those who are serious and committed to wanting to attain a degree. Of course if it was affordable for anyone, then schools would possibly become overcrowded which is why I would suggest there to be some sort of system that looks over each student's reason for attending college and focus on how dedicated they are to being successful in college. It is evident that some countries put this policy in place at public universities where tuition is free, but this means society would have to pay more in taxes. This way seems more reasonable because each generation wants the next generation to be better for the future wherever they may reside and by doing so is to support and encourage students to attend college. I personally had to take out loans because my financial aid could not cover all of my tuition and coming from a background of being in a low-income, single parent family, it just was not enough. Having a job both on campus and outside of school is a real struggle because even so, my income goes towards bills and it is difficult to pay some of that towards tuition because as a full time student, there is not enough time to work more since we prioritize our studies first. So, it turns into a vicious downfall that often leads to both stress and distress among people.

Another way school could be better is to stretch due dates among assignments because it also creates emotional distress and anxiety. When our assignments are required to be turned in for different classes around the same time, we tend to spend hours at night trying to complete them which then leads to the loss of sleep and a decline in concentration. I remember during my first year as a freshman in college, it was really difficult to adjust to the routine of having to turn in something every other class session where it became too much to handle and I had a hard time understand what was being taught in classes. This still happens today and I feel it is especially hard as a senior because I am juggling school time, work, and a required internship in order to graduate. I think seniors should have the privilege of having more time to work on assignments since it is the year they are asked to present to the table their skills and knowledge they have learned throughout their studies and I believe it requires more time to critically think and analyze how we are going to demonstrate to our professors and/or mentors what we gained out of our education.

As a result, I feel it is of great importance to make college education more affordable for students and to give more time to college seniors for completing assignments. It is unjust that students who already struggle financially in their personal lives to have to face paying back their student loan debt for years because their financial aid was unable to cover their whole tuition. I was taught in high school how crucial it is to get enough sleep in order to be successful in classes and it becomes more of a challenge for college seniors because they are responsible for other aspects in their lives besides their studies. Therefore, these two points should be addressed across the United States so that students like myself, can be successful and help society in every way that we can.
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