Stop and Love
Charlotte Li, Division 1, 6th grade #ws16e-s3d1

While playing basketball with a group of friends, I was about to catch the ball when a boy from my team caught it. I asked him why he cut me off even though he knew that could catch it. He told me that because I was a girl, I wouldn’t be able to catch the ball. Then it hit me, expectations between men and women were completely off. It reminded me of the time I wanted to join wrestling. I wasn’t allowed to join the team because I was a girl. My parents believed that a girl’s body must be delicate, but mine never was. I am one of the tallest and toughest girls in our grade. My parents told me I wouldn’t be able to handle wrestling, which infuriated me. I knew my parents were trying to protect me, and though I appreciate their concern, I knew that the real reason they didn’t want me to wrestle was because I was a girl.

Men and women are always treated differently. Women even get paid less than men! Additionally, girls and women have to live with the expectation that they are supposed to look a certain way to be considered beautiful. This expectation is very damaging because there is no one definition of beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Girls are body shamed and are the number one target for everyone to bully because they are expected to look perfect. When I was younger, I would get bullied over how I looked. Everyone expected me to be tall, skinny, and pretty. I was really hurt until I decided not to listen to harmful words. Now, I am not scared to speak my mind and am happy in my own skin.

I want to live in a world where girls can be whatever they want to be, where girls can choose their own careers and have control over their lives. Men and women should be equal, because women are equal to men. Women are strong and powerful, and are just as capable as men. Society is wrong, even in 2016. Women should have all the same rights as men. We are not the weaker sex and we are not just decorations for men.

Equality for women is what I am supporting. I, and most other women have experienced the discrimination that women face. When a girl is trying to be a leader, she is considered bossy, even though guys do not have to deal with that. If everyone believes that men and women are equal, society will become a much better place.
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