If I return to the past, what do I want to change?
MENG-LING TSAI, Division 3, Graduate school #ws18e-s2d3

If I return to the past, what do I want to change? I began to wonder why people are interested in such issues? I really want to know if a person who is successful in everyone’s eyes has something to regret and whether he will make mistakes. If I return to the past, do I want to change anything?

So I was very hard to review the past, indeed made a lot of mistakes, but there is nothing that I regret. Then think about it, that is, I accept all the things that happened to me. I know all the experiences and setbacks of the past have become the result of today. The result is a screw.

If I am satisfied with my current life, why should I regret or want to change what happened? If I am not satisfied, it is useless to worry now. No wonder some people say that do not say ""regret"". Because the mistakes committed have to pay a price, it must learn lessons and tuition fees will not be paid.

After each mistake and setback, I tried to adjust my mindset, adjust my pace, and slowly walk in the direction that I originally wanted, and thus become me today. So at every crucial moment, no matter what choices you choose, you will love the choice and go back for a try. It's wrong. Then think of ways to correct it until it's right.

I think that a life without regrets should be the realm that everyone wants to pursue! Therefore, everybody may have a myth, as if those who made a successful career should all be determined and then moved. They are all confident and are far-sighted than ordinary people. In fact, it is true that most of the people I know who have achieved a successful career have only experienced success after several setbacks.

When I was young, I often made mistakes. I was just older and I was less likely to make mistakes. I do not dare to ask the future not to make mistakes, but at least to introspection, learn from mistakes, the same mistakes are no longer committed.

Making mistakes is inevitable in life. People who dare to say that they have not made mistakes should not. The misunderstanding of middle school is probably an ability that modern people should cultivate. The stupidest thing is to not admit mistakes, and then repeat similar mistakes again and again. So my life is to learn from mistakes, and then the process of evolution, life is repeated again, skip these mistakes, we can not reach the hills.

We may have said that we could avoid some mistakes with more wisdom at that time, but what kind of age will only have such experience and wisdom, otherwise young people will only need to listen to the old man, or the lessons of history should save human beings from repeating the same mistakes. But that is not the case. It can be seen that there are some mistakes that you have to experience and experience.

So when life comes back, I still may have the same or similar mistakes at that age. And because you have changed this again, there may be other butterfly effects, I don't know. Therefore, it is better to use an ""acceptance"" and ""face"" mentality to manage their own life.
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